Design Team and Giveaways

Today is the first day for my AWESOME design team to show you their 1st projects as Pink by Design Team Members!!

I thought with this first post, I would challenge the Design Team and myself to do a layout. Β I know doing layouts can be a challenge for us all–because we all tend to steer towards making cards, and forget how much we enjoy making other paper crafts such as layouts!

I am so excited– because the ladies did an AMAZING job on their projects and in CELEBRATION of their first Pink Cricut Design Team post, some of them are doing giveaways on their blogs!!

So be sure to hop on over to each of their blogs to see more details of their projects and what you could WIN!

Kristi from Little Paper Sprinkles

Country Living Stamp Set

New Arrival Cart
Home Decor Cart
Pink Cricut-Country Living Stamp SetAdhesive Pearls

Ashley from Her Creative Path

Simply Everything Stamp Set

Bazill Basics CardstockMaking Memories silver brads
Micheals Recollections glitter flowers
K&Co (Wild Saffron) smile chipboard stickers
You Make Me Smile Sentiment is from Simply Everything Stamp Set

Paula from More than Favors

A Haunting We Will Go Stamp Set

DCWV – Midnight spell cardstock
Glossy Accents
One Swarovski crystal placed with i-rockMini Monster Cricut Cartridge

Theresa the Scrapbooking Queen

Rock On Stamp Set

Everyday Paper Dolls Cartridge
Bazzil paper stock.gelly pen
Pink Cricut new stamp sets
β€œBad to the Bone, Kick up your Heel!, You’re Electric and Heartbreaker

Mandy from Polka Dot Spot

Rock On Stamp Set

Bazzill cardstock
Rock Princess Cartridge
Pink by Design Rock On Stamp set
Tattered Angels glimmer mist (pearl)

Here is the layout I did, using theΒ Winter Fun Stamp Set. I used the Create A Critter Cartridge, and Don Juan for the Snowflakes.

Each penguin symbolizes the people in our family– Dad, Mom, Sister and Brother–Luckily, we don’t have pictures of Mom and Dad waddling around in snowsuits! πŸ™‚

Cold Days, Warm Hearts

Since they are all being so GENEROUS in giving something away–I will give away a Winter Fun Stamp Set!

So, leave your comments below on your favorite winter memory–for one entry.

For a second entry- post about the new Design Team! (facebook/blog/twitter)


  • nice work design team! what a great way to help showcase these stamps and all of the talent that goes along with Pink Cricut & the team! congrats to all!

  • My favorite winter memory is of my son when he was 3 years old. I was shoveling and he told me to “take a break” and took over shoveling for me. It was so cute…I guess you had to be there! πŸ˜€ I took pictures of him that day and everytime I look at them I remeber this.

  • My favorite memory of Christmas was this past one. My son was almost 3 so we started a new tradition (Elf on the Shelf) and then seeing his face when he woke up and saw what sante brought him!

    I posted this to FB and my blog.

    Very nice work design team!

    aecopenhaver at gmail dot com

  • Well My favorite winter memory is just spending time with my family…. My kids are the coolest…Living here in Florida we don’t get snow but it does get cold so we make a fire in the back yard and do S’Mors….
    I also shared this post on facebook…Thank you so much for the chance to win some fabulous stamps….

  • Lovin this layout and enjoyed checking out your design team. All fun projects. Such talented ladies. I couldn’t leave a post on Theresa’s blog though. It kept linking backing to your page.

  • Great job! Love getting all these fresh ideas! One of my favorite winter memories involves my old black lab JOJO. It had snowed a lot and we had drifts everywhere. I had gotten JOJO a huge rawhide bone for Christmas. It didn’t matter how big the drift was or where the bone landed, JOJO in her pitch black fur would jump right into the glistening white snow, find the bone and come running back with it jumping in circles waiting to do it again. I loved that dog….we had a lot of fun together! I think she kept me in shape too!


  • My favorite winter memory was the first snowfall we had in Juarez, Mexico in 1954; we were so excited, dad took pictures and he posed me like I had fallen in the snow, then I got up and I did fall – my little sister and I played in the snow, and made snow women while mom and dad watch us with joy. Thanks for the memories!


    Carmen L

  • Wow, what great jobs!!!! LO are super hard for me, but the DT nailed it!!! My favorite winter memory is actually all winter long. We live in a small farming town in Idaho and to help save money we decided to use wood and our fireplace instead of the gas/propane furnace. My favorite memory is splitting wood and having my little ones ‘help’ to stack it and bring it inside. It was great fun to work as a family, my kids loved helping as well. πŸ™‚

  • My favorite winter memories are from my childhood in VA (many years ago). We loved snow and got plenty of it. All the neighborhood kids would be out playing, making snowballs (including a few snowball fights), building snowmen, and most of all, sledding. We just loved it and would spend a big part of the snow days right there in it.

  • Love the penguins! My 2 yo was on my lap while I was looking at your blog, and he got all excited about the penguins! I love going to the Macy’s, formally Dayton’s, 8th floor holiday scene. My parents always took my brothers and me when we were little, and now my dh and I take our boys. It’s always a great way to start the holiday season. Thanks for the great challenge!

  • The penguins are so cute. I love to watch my kids make snowmen and snow angels in the winter and then we go in and their cheeks are so rosy. We usually warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and little marshmellows. I am not allowed to forget the marshmellows;).

  • Wow the team did an awesome job and you did too with your adorable little family of penguins… I can’t wait until our next project having just the most amazing time working with everyone.

    The Scrapbooking Queen

  • Favorite winter memory would have to be when we took our two little ones to the polar express last year! IT was amazing and it actually snowed up north which is awesome since we live in Arizona!!

  • My favorite winter memory was last winter when we woke up to the most beautiful winter snowfall scene, in a place that doesn’t normally get snow that sticks to the ground. It was so beautiful I had to call out from work so I could stay home and enjoy it as long as I could (which was until about 3 that

  • Wow…great give away…my favourite winter memory was when my family all went down to Old Fort William for New Years eve. Hot chocolate, sleigh rides, skating, crafts and fire works!!!

  • Love your layout! My favorite winter memory was when the entire family (all the siblings and their families) getting together a couple of years ago at Christmas. Since we all live in seperate states, it isn’t often that we are all together under one roof! Thanks for sharing your wonderful stamps!

  • Great job design team. My favorite winter memory is going out snow machining with my friends. We had a blast. Would love to do it again. LOL

  • Wow, these are all great layouts. The DT did an awesome job. One of my favorite winter memories was going with my entire family to the winter olympics in SLC in 2002. It was so much fun.

  • Great layouts by you and your design team. Love them all.
    My favorite winter memory is…I collect elephants for my youngest son and myself and my husband built a snow elephant for him. He did such a great job and made it so sturdy that my son (then 2) could even sit on it.

    Burffrau @ aol dot com

    Posting your new design team blog candy giveaway on fb now.

  • I remember one of the few times it snowed in Alabama when I was young that my brother was sick and I went outside to play in the snow. Since my brother could not come out and play, I threw snowballs at him while he was sitting at our sliding glass door with it closed of course. I think I may have even given him a snowball to throw.
    Great projects by the DTs.

  • My favorite memory is when I was at Grand parents house, would be freezin cold out & we would be chillin inside while Grandmother made hot chocolate & homemade fudge, if by chance in Texas it snowed enough she would make snow icecream!

  • Your new design team did a great job on their layouts. Myself, I love the layouts, way more then the cards. My favorite winter memory is the year my dad made a sled big enough to hold all the grandkids in the his family, at that time their were seven of them. It was so big and heavy but the kids loved it.

  • My favorite memory of winter is going sledding with my family. We live in NV so we have lots of mountains and sledding is just awesome here & hot chocolate.
    Great job on the layout, I love your new stamps.

  • My favorite memory of winter is one year when we had a huge snow storm, we couldn’t go anywhere so we just sat on the couch with hot cocoa and watched the snow fall, my husband myself and our son’s. I love memories like that.

  • I love the layouts =) My favorite Christmas memory is the first one I spent with my fiance. We has a long distance relationship for 4 years before we spent the first Christmas together and it was awesome. Something I will never forget. I always love the creative ideas everyone comes up with !!!

  • Since we are from South Texas and rarely have snow, my favorite winter memories have to do with snow–whether is was the incredible snow fall in the mid 80’s that kept everyone in for days, or the trips to sites where the kids could experience snow skiing.

  • So many wonderful projects. My favorite memory is the first time my son went out into the snow when he was a toddler. The expression on his face was wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Such a fantastic design team! I’m excited to see more of their projects.

    My favorite winter memory is of sledding at a local park with my dad as a kid.

    ~ JD ~

  • Very Talented group you have Sarah, this has def inspired me to maybe make my first layout, instead of just making cards! Keep up the good work. I look forward to my daily inspiration!

  • I love seeing layouts. It helps me get some ideas. I love Christmas and everything that goes with it (except shopping), so those are my favorite winter memories.

  • My favorite memory is when we were visiting my brother in Atlanta & got snowed in during the “storm of the century”. Nothing says together time like a blizzard!

  • Once again I ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over the cards/scrapbook pages. They are MORE than AWESOME! Favorite winter memory? Hubby making ‘snow’ ice cream….:O)

  • My favorite winter memory is when it snowed on my Birthday (It was the year I turned 8 I believe) and my Dad told me that God made it snow just for me for my Birthday. It made me feel so special that day.

  • My favorite winter memory is ice skating every winter on a pond near our house. Our town would ice over the park each winter and everyone would go there and ice skate. We use to cut through our neighbors back yard to get there and stay for hours! When we came home our feet would be bright red from the cold! Ah, the memories!

  • Great job, design team. Truly inspiring. I think my favorite Winter memory is every year when we get the first good snow fall. Everything outside is so white and so sparkling. It is just beautiful. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • Great job ladies! Love all the projects.
    My favorite winter memory was just last year when it snowed and it was early morning. Quiet and perfect. So beautiful.

  • Love the penguins. I just got this cartridge today. ACMoore was having a good sale ($39.99) per cartridge and an extra $5 off on each cartridge. Not bad. I bought 3.

  • My favorite winter memory is Valentine’s Day 2007. They called it the “sweetheart storm”. It was my (now) husband and I’s first Valentine’s together. I was so bummed because I didn’t think we would get to see each other; we both worked that day and I had night class. But, mother nature intervened and it snowed 3 feet – school was canceled (I teach 1st grade) and so was night class! We ended up snowed in during the blizzard. So special! Thanks for the chance to win! πŸ™‚

  • My favorite winter memory is making snow angels! Also my grandmother would help us make snow cream. The new design team is awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • My favorite winter memory was this past winter when it snowed!!! Living in Central Texas it really never snows, so it was Great to be able play and watch my kids have a blast. plus NO SCHOOL, is always Great. I loved all the layouts, Great DT!!!!

  • I used to live in NY, but now we are in FLorida …big different… so my best winter memories is of my boys playing in the snow… we been here for 10 yrs so those are nice good memories… but preferred our warm weather… LOL

    thanks for the giveaway.. great job of your DT.. will hop and check there blogs..

    Thanks again


  • I remember when we would fly to Idaho for Christmas to visit my dad’s family. We would always go up to the cabin and ride the snow mobiles; then we’d come back and my aunt would make snow ice cream. Great memories!

  • Whooooooooo new design team means some new fresh ideas!
    The blizzard of 78 was my best winter memory I was riding my horse Buckwheat down the county backroads and the stirup caught on a branch flipped me right off! The snow was two stories deep and my then bf was following me in his stick shift car with my two cousins. I got in the car and he got on the horse so it was my first time behind the wheel at age 13! Well I did kill it (THE CAR)several times. LOL but it was a fun ride.

  • My favorite winter memory was playing in the snow! Living in NC, we did not get snow very often. When it did snow, it was an extra special treat! Especially when school was canceled! Your design team did a GREAT job!

  • Wow,such wonderful works with those awesome stamps! Thanks for sharing.

    My favortie Christmas memory was when I was 8 and my brother was 11. It was Christmas and we decided to go sledding. It was when Iowa used to have a lot of snow in December. Anyways, we had been sledding for an hour when my brother and I decided to go down the hill on the same sled. We took off just fine and then I noticed that we were heading towards this very small tree. So I bailed on my brother who must not have seen it and he caught the tree just right. The tree was probably no bigger than the upper part of a baseball bat. However, strong enough to break his leg and put him into shock. My dad rushed him to the hospital and they got him all fixed up. We spent the night with him in the hospital celebrating Christmas as a family. A day I will never forget.

  • Wow…amazing talents…they all did a wonderful job! I have a winter memory when my son and I went sledding at the Rez …we almost ran into the bathroom building first and avoided that and then the second trip we went out on Rt 61 and scramble to get off so we wouldn’t get hit by a car…so funny…then the trip we hit one of the post that keeps the line between cars and us….well we went upside down…that was the best day ever…we still laugh over that and we realize it was a little too slick but what the heck!…the penguins would have had a ball with us…

  • My favortie memory for christmas is baking cookies. especially the recipe that was handed down from grandma r. which took 2 days to make but oh so good after. plus another is not to long ago I spent 2 weeks with mom and we made a bunch of cookies, different one each I was there, even sugar free cookies for us diabetics. I even took pics of it so i could have the memory of it.

  • Congrats on the great design team, They are all truly talented and have a heart of gold! Also Congrats on your new Line of stamps. Thanks for the inspiration you give us all AND FOR the chance to win!

    • Oh, I forgot, My favorite Winter Memory is, When we had a blizzard in North-East Al. Snow drifts past our knees,power out everywhere. We dont get snow here, and if we do it dont lay, and if it does, its melted after just hrs. Ive lived her my entire life, So this was a hard/blessed event!

  • Wow!! Everyones LOs look awesome! My fav winter memory is ice skating when I was a kid. The fire dept. would come out and fill the field next to my house. We would skate for hours and then go to the clubhouse for hot chocolate, for 25 cents a cup. Long time ago lol Thanks for the chance to win

  • My favorite winter memory was the Blizzard of ’77. We had a whole week (or more ) off from school,also the “Surprise Storm of ‘o6 – no electricity for a week and having family time w/ 2 teen boys 24 hrs x 5.

  • I live in Colorado for 12 years. In the northwest corner of the state. When I moved to CO, I have not ever seen thunder and lightening during a winter snow storm. My grandmother told me if it ever happens you will get a blizzard.

    That night it sound like it was summer time storms. Our power went off for 2 hours and the sky would like up with streaks of lightening and loud thunder. I woke up to 5ft of snow the next morning.

    Loveland Co,

  • My favorite Winter memory is taking my girls to Colorado to play in snow for the first time and the absolute looks of pure joy on their faces making snow angels. They are now grown with kids of their own but everytime someone mentions snow I think about that moment. {I think I’m gonna cry now remembering again} Sniff, sniff. Good memories.

  • My favorite winter memory goes back to my Senior year in High school. We went to Washington, DC and got stuck in an ice storm. Walking around DC was very VERY slippery.
    Some of my friends got stuck down the Vietnam memorial and had to be rescued out by ropes since the marble goes down on a slope. Myself, well my little group had their issues too with staying up on our feet. And I learned there is NO traction with cowboy boots. YES I said cowboy boots, I am from Texas. And getting up on ice was like one of those cartoon’s with legs spinning underneath me trying to get up. ouch my tush! What a great trip though!

  • My family moved to Canada from England when I was 10 yrs old. It was November and we had not seen snow before and we didn’t have any winter coats, boots or mittens. We had to stay inside for the first week we were here until my Dad got his first pay and could buy us what we needed. We were so excited to go out and play in the snow.
    Congratulations on your new Design Team, all great layouts.

  • Woo Hoo! My favorite winter memory is being with my parents on Christmas morning, all in our PJ’s and sipping hot cocoa waiting to open presents. I love family time!

  • What cute LO! My favorite winter memory is when my lil boy got on his snowboard for the very first time and smiled sooo big coming down the bunny hill! It made me feel so proud, happy & teary all at the same time. He is so grown now & i just can’t believe it!

  • My favorite winter memory was the winter of 1978. I was 15, not a care in the world, dating my now hubby and in love…. It had started to snow and my Mom told him that it was starting to look nasty out, so he better stay the night. (He had to sleep downstairs in the living room on the floor by the radiator! I still managed to sneak downstairs for a goodnight kiss! lol) When we looked outside in the morning, the snow was worse and we were in for another 3 or 4 feet, so he had to stay for days.

  • Wow ladies what awesome talent! Thanks for the inspiration πŸ™‚ My favorite Winter memory is my children. I just love seeing them grow and just this past winter my son “discovered” SNOW! I absolutely enjoyed this past winter and had my camera in my hands at all times. All in all I love winter as it really brings the family close and is so heart warming. Thanks for the opportunity and again well done design team. (Cant wait to see what is created next)

  • Nice Job design team. Lovin’ all the new projects. I live in Southern California so our winters don’t really feel like winter compared to everywhere else. But my favorite winter memory was when I was ten years old and our neighbor drained his pool over night. It was a super cold night and the water didn’t drain very well. As a result, the entire street was icy like an ice skating rink. We were slipping and sliding all day and I had bruises for a good week. But it was so much fun!

  • My favorite winter memories include skating on our family’s pond when I was little. We’d get so cold, we’d come in and our mom would put all our winter clothes in the dryer to help warm us up enough to go out again! Our grandma would make us each crocheted mittens to match our coats, so there would be tons of mittens to sort out of the dryer. Good times….

  • We had a ton of snow and snow days from school this past year. It was fun, but started to get not fun too. Maybe a good memory is drinking lot’s of hot chocolate. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • These are such imaginative layouts. they make the paper go so well with the contents of the pictures. I esp. thought the Jason page was cute!

  • you girls all did an amazing job! wooo hooo!!!!i am from oswego new york, so alls i have to say is that we get ALOT of snow, and then more snow, and more snow, and more!my favorite is when we get snowed in because of so much snow, it is awesome, and building snow forts, I will never forget the snowforts! thanks for the chance to win, wish me luck!!cant wait to see what you come up with next!!

  • Your design team did a great job. My favorite winter memory is snow ball figts. The kids think its great to hit mom with a snow ball( no fighting, just fun). It is my favorite memory. Thanks for the giveaway and what a great team you have.

  • You and your Design Team have done a fabulous job Sarah – Congratulations!!!
    It is just coming to the end of winter for us and my favourite winter memory is seeing the firt Red Robin flying around, a sure sign that Spring is near πŸ™‚ They are a lot rarer now and we hardly ever see them but I’m always on the lookout.
    Thankyou for sharing and for the chance to win.

  • Wow – Fabulous projects! Your Design Team is super talented – as are you. πŸ™‚

    My favorite winter memory….I remember one winter when we were living in Germany and my mom tried to teach me to ski. It was a blast.:)

  • My parents used to rent a cabin around Christmas when I was a child. One Christmas Eve morning, Mom woke us up to show us the snow falling outside. It was like we had 2 Christmas morning in a row.

  • My favorite winter memory is of my granddaughter enjoying the snow when she was about 2 1/2! Took lots of photos to remember that day.

  • Okay, that Penquin layout is the CUTEST! I love it. Favorite winter memory? Right now all I can think of is last year when my 3 year old would get so excited each night to go sledding with Daddy! We have a small hill in the backyard and they would try to go down it each night they could. It was so cute;-)

  • I think my favorite winter memory is going sledding with my friends and then stopping at a coffee shop on the way back to get hot chocolate. It was such a treat!

  • My fav memory of winter is going out by myself at the age of 12 and cutting down my own Christmas tree, and dragging it back home behind my 4 wheeler. When I look back on it now I think about how gangley that tree was and how we had to use twine nailed to the wall to keep it up. But my Dad still used it! Thanks πŸ˜€

  • Winter is my favourite season, probably because I’m a January baby. πŸ™‚

    My favourite winter memory …

    Now I had to think about this for a while since nothing popped into my head, which was super odd. I thought it would be something like going sledding or learning to skate, something like that … but mine would need to be the nice winter walks/talks I always took with my Grampa. I hope to never forget those memories…..

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