Remember, that awesome Cuttlebug deal I told you about??
It is still going on–so here’s the link to it, if you missed it.

Well, one of our friends, “the newbie,” she likes to call herself–because she only started crafting a couple months ago– has been adding to her collection slowly. Paper stacks here, punches there…and so on. But, we thought it was time for her to get her first “machine.” In our little group–we all have colors– I am the PINK girl, the British Sidekick is the PURPLE girl, Katie is the BLUE girl…and so on.

So, when this AWESOME deal was on the BLUE cuttlebug-I didn’t even hesitate (especially with Katie’s bday right around the corner)!

Here is her fun reaction–this was on the night we were all putting the stamp packages together for everyone who ordered Pink By Design Stamps!


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