Bind-it-All vs Cinch

I have been asked to compare the Zutter bind-it-all and the We R Memory Keepers Cinch, by a facebook friend of mine.

So, I will do the best job and I will also link some official videos of the 2.

Okay, the biggest differences that I have noticed are that The Cinch cuts round circles for the wires, and the BIA cuts rectangular circles.

However, the wires in both machines are interchangeable.  So, you can pick up Zutter or WE R Memory Keepers binding products, including wires and covers, and have no problem.

The set up is a little different, because you place your project pieces in through the top on the bind it all,  but with the cinch you slide them in, laying them flat.

The Cinch does allow you to choose the holes you want punched, allowing you to customize your project even more!  For instance you can choose to punch 2 holes, skip a few, punch 2 more and so on….like in this book.

The Bind it all does take up much less space, but the cinch has a couple extra features that make it’s bigger size worth while.  For instance, the Cinch has a side arm to allow you to hold onto your o-wire while putting together your project and a back “cincher.”   The footprint of the Cinch is about 1sq foot, whereas the footprint of the BIA is about 4sq inches.

What I love about both machines–is that they are both distributed by reputable companies–and that they both come in PINK!

We R Memory Keepers Cinch Binding Tool Kit

We R Memory Keepers Cinch Binding Tool Kit

I do have another video on me using the CINCH straight out of the box, so you can see how easy it was for me to use!


  • Thanks for this video. My Cinch is sitting in a box on my boyfriend’s bedroom floor until my birthday next week. I have to see the box every time I go over his house and I even had to collect the package when it arrived! It is torturous! I have a pile of projects waiting to be done with this machine. I suggested the HSN bundle for him to purchase because I think it is a great starter kit.

    Thanks for the comparison!


    • Wow, Megan I bet your about ready to bust. I would have had it out and used a few times while he was at work and repackaged it LOL. Kidding aside. Congrats on your soon to be great birthday gift.

  • Thanks for the video… I just wish the Cinch came in Green!!!!
    I know you were really busy with the Hop and must have not time to read all the comments left at your latest postings, so I would like to take this opportunity to ask “how did you find out that was having special cart for Circle members… I am a member and did not know?) .. thanks in advance if you have time to reply. Gaby

    • I am interested in knowing how you knew about the promo at as I am a member too and knew nothing of it. 🙁

      BTW, great videos! I think I’m sold on the cinch!

  • Halleluia! You saved me. I was going to buy the Bind-It-All tomorrow at Hobby Lobby. But this looks so much better and easier to use. I did not even know about the cinch..thank you so much for posting this. Where did you get your cinch. And what a cute project you did with it!:)

  • Thanks for the video. I should be getting my cinch this week and I can’t wait to try out some of the great projects I’ve seen and to go back to your video. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

  • I am interested in the cinch but there seems to be no video that shows the spiral binding coils being used. Do you know of one?

  • I know I’m a little late to the game. 🙁 but I have been wanting on of these machines and not sure what to get. Thanks so much for the comparison and the video!

  • I like the idea of being able to skip spaces between sets of punches but I wish someone would make one machine that let’s you choose round or rectangular punches.

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