5 Women with Veggies and Fruit

So, when we got together with friends on Friday night–we also made some veggies and fruit from different cartridges.  We started off with a Banana for a 2 year old down the street, and then we began making other fruits and veggies we thought would be cute with a face!

Once, they had faces–we had to make them into puppets!  Yes, we are crazy–but, we always have fun!  We recorded the puppet show for you– that 5 grown women put on– w/o a script or plan.  We just thought it would be fun!  Needless to say,  we couldn’t stop laughing!  Even though our really great idea, turned into something very silly– these puppets could easily be used by teachers or parents to talk about the food groups, or the importance of fruits and vegetables.

I believe that no matter how old you get, that you should always take time to laugh and be silly sometimes!  I think it keeps us young and makes for some wonderful memories!

CAUTION: Extreme Silliness


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