Tri-shutter Card

 I had a sweet friend of mine, named Tanya, ask if I knew of a tri-shutter card tutorial.

I didn’t know of one offhand, but I told her that I would be happy to make her a video tutorial by the end of the weekend.  Little did I know, my basement was going to flood this weekend and I would be busy with cleaning and tossing things out!

But, I like to keep my word, no matter what–and it was good for me too!  It was nice to step away from the work, and take time to craft.  Crafting puts me in  a happier place.

Now, if I could just win the new Martha Stewart Cricut Cake or the cartridges, I would be in an even happier place! 🙂

Also, this card will be sent to Monique Griffith, who has Stage 3 Cancer, and is a fellow MB member.


Since this card is a little more complicated that my usual cards, I decided to add some written instructions as well.

  • Cut 12×12 cardstock, in half- giving you 2 12×6 pieces of cardstock.
  • Score the long side at 2” and 10” – only 1” from the top down, and 1” from the bottom up.
  • Score from the top to bottom at the 4”, and 8” marks.
  • Use a trimmer to cut a horizontal line from the 1” score lines to connect them. Do this on both the top and bottom.
  • Fold along the score lines.
  • Cut 3 3 3/4” squares to decorate the front of the card.
  • Cut 2 strips of 12”x3/4” strips of cardstock to decorate the top and bottom of the card.
  • You can also cut those strips into 8- 1 3/4 inch pieces and 2- 3 3/4” pieces to decorate the top and bottom.
  • Adhere cut pieces onto the card, and then decorate the rest of it however you want!


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  • Thanks for the awesome tutorial. I stopped by to tell you that you were the winner of my giveaway @ Please send me your info, so I can mail you your prize. Thanks, Sam

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