This is my Temporary Home…

…for my scrapping space, anyway.  Since, the basement flooded this weekend–I wanted to move my scrapping, “musts,” upstairs where I could use them.

The bulk of the scrapping and crafting stuff is still in the room downstairs stacked on my table– just in case. I know we  will figure it all out, but I didn’t want to stop scrapping while we did!

To top it all off, the server my blog domain is on, has been having some difficulties–so I apologize for any inconsistencies, in being able to find me!

So, my friend, Kathy or better known as the “British sidekick,” came over– to help me organize a somewhat hidden space for me to scrap within my dining room.  I didn’t want the scrap space to seem to take OVER the dining room…(even though we usually use the eat-in kitchen).

Although, their are some obvious scrapping things out for the everyone to see–they aren’t overwhelming.  (At least, I don’t think. :/)

Check out my new dining scrap room! 🙂


  • Sorry to hear that your basement flooded. I love how positive you are about the whole thing. You really utilized your space well, and I am impressed at how much stuff you were able to fit so neatly in your dining room. Great video. Really shows that anyone can make a space work to be able to scrap! TFS.


  • Oh no I had no idea that your basement flooded 🙁 That’s where my scrap room is! I would cry buckets and buckets.

    Question – what is a big shot? Also, why do we need those shape stamps when we can cut shapes? Just curious. I have tons of smaller punches, but I never use them. Just the corner rounders. Altho I saw the Martha stamps on HSN yesterday and ohhhhhhhhhhh I want I want I want! LOL.

    Thanks for the tour of your craft room and wow you really have a positive attitude as Steph said. Hang in there and keep smiling!

  • Wow even with flooding happening you are still so organized. No matter what I do to organize my scraproom it still looks like a disaster. My husband keeps asking me when I’m going to clean it up and I will tell him I just did. Help. You have a whole lot more supplies than I have and still yours looks great. Good job.

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