Sipping Lattes

Maybe I should change my Blog name to Pink Starbucks, or Starbucks in Pink… hmmm… I do love a good Latte

My coffee of choice – Carmel Macchiato, extra hot, and with extra foam.  How you like your coffee?

Keep Checking back periodically – we’ll be sending updates 😀


  • I am addicted to Starbucks Mochas~ My husband just left to get me a Grande Mocha, hold the whip~ I like it hot too. I would prefer a Skinny Mocha but not all Starbucks make them. I missed your booth at CHA.. I was there but always running in another direction~

    • Scrap It Girl – Love those skinny drinks as well, but so many of the barista’s get them wrong. I didnt have a booth at CHA, you just missed the tshirts, maybe in San Diego or at next years summer Event.

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