Popsicle or Giveaway anyone?

Don’t you ever like to cool off on a CLEAR hot day with a popsicle??

My kids LOVE popsicles– as a matter of fact,  my son thinks that every single time he comes in from the heat–he needs a popsicle.  And, I don’t know any kid who doesn’t have a favorite color/flavor of popsicle!  So, what’s yours?  Mine is RED! I created these cards  from the Doodlecharms cartridge.  We welded 2 shapes together to create a card, and added a glitter cardstock front.  I stamped,  “hot, hot, hot” on the popsicle stick– and that was it! Pretty simple, but oh, so cute!

Be sure to put your favorite color down below, and you can say anything  from Cherry to Banana to Kiwi–but, don’t say CLEAR!

The second clue for today, is in this post….. also, if you have a guess on what my BIG SURPRISE IS–post it below–and you will be entered for a PINK CRICUT T-shirt Giveaway! Remember, you can look at the posts from Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Today for clues!


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