Pinwheel Card Tutorial

 I love pinwheels, and my kids love pinwheels–they are cheerful and remind me of summer breezes, and all things happy!

So, today I made a pinwheel card. It is a simple and quick way to give your card that playful, cheerful look without the use of any fancy tools! 🙂  (No cricut required)

I do have to warn you though, my husband bought me a new HD camera, a few weeks ago.  I kept trying to film with it, but then I couldn’t edit without it slowing the whole video down.  I would be explaining one thing, and my hands would be still working on the thing before that…, I kept using my li’l point and shoot.

But, today I turned off the HD feature and gave the video camera a whirl.  It worked fine, and edited perfectly–BUT, I didn’t realize it picked up on sound SO MUCH MORE!! So, in this video, you will hear the “Tooth Fairy,” movie playing in the background (3 rooms away!) My husband was on duty, to keep the kids occupied–and a movie was the answer! 🙂

The next time I use this camera, I will be sure there are no movies playing in the background! 🙂


Pinwheel Card


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