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HI Everyone,

This is the husband.  We have a surprise for Sarah, and well frankly we couldnt wait to share it with you.  I hope you enjoy the next couple of videos.

PS – we knew it had been a while since you had a project done – ENJOY


  • Oh my goodness you have the cutest family EVER Sarah!! That totally warmed my heart 🙂

    ..way to go Sarahs husband and kidlets!! You did a great job! …lol, so cute!


  • OMG You have an amazing family. My husband would never do this. Great job! Hope you had a great time at CHA and your husband must have scored MAJOR brownie points for this!

  • OMG how freakin cute! Maybe this is a start to some extra quality time with the hubby, Sarah!! Your kids are so well behaved, and your husband did a great job with his first videos!!! 🙂 Awesome!

  • AWWW, that was so sweet of your hubby to do that for you. You have the cutest family. I hope you enjoy these videos they made you. I hope you have fun at CHA. Take care, Jenny 🙂

  • So adorable. My husband wouldnt know the first thing to do with my cricut! Your kids are adorable and I love your new stamps! Have a great time at CHA!

  • Omg you have the sweetest family ever . Wow what a crafty husband you have. Your kids are beautiful 🙂 you are truly blessed .

  • That is the sweetest!!! I am very impressed with your husband’s crafting skills!!! and your kids are adorable! What a great family. Know you’re having a blast at CHA. Thanks for all the pics and videos. Safe travels home 🙂

  • Oh, Dad, YOU are the greatest!! Awesome job with getting the card done, AND the video edited as well! YOU rock–and I think it’s awesome that you have actually paid attention to what She’s been doing!

    Safe Journey, Sarah!

  • What a HOOT!, My husband would not know where to start, so High FIVE for your hubby! Then there would be that part of me, you opened up my what…(which would translate, to I am busted!)

    • Yeah–I got a kick out of it too! 🙂 I am lucky to have them. And…he did call me first, to see if it was okay to open my package 😉

  • WOW! i laughed so much with this. your husband is just too cool and your kids are awesome! hope you are having a great time!

  • wow your husband must be a blast, and your kids are so cute you are very blessed to have the family you have, enjoy your time at cha see you here when you get back have a safe trip

  • You have a beautiful family!! Would you please tell your husband to talk to my husband. He fully supports my addiction but would never think of actually “making” me a card with the kids. That was priceless!! hope you’re having fun at “Cha”

  • girl i just love that. he is ready for a brand new business. hope you had fun at cha great card dad and kids

  • OMG, How beautiful is your family !!! Your hubby and the kids are just the best ! Warms my heart…. You are one very lucky lady. Great Card too!

  • Too cute! My hubby would never do something like this. But in his defense, I probably wouldn’t want him touching my cricut anyway! God bless you and your family!

  • Way to precious!!! I love that your kids are “professional scrappers” – too cute!! My husband would NOT have a clue where to start – you must give EXTRA brownie points for this one!!! Great job to Sarah’s family:) Did he cuddle bug the sheep – the last pic looks like he did?? That if my children’s FAVORITE part of scrapping!!

  • This is awesome…what a SWEET surprise for mom…I Agree with ABBIE…KUDOS and extra Brownie points for the Hubby….

    Keep Scrappin’, Keep Sharin’



    • Ok I much be still tried from CHA I meant to say

      Sarah what a great husband to do thid for you They sure love you a lot.

      hugs Debbie

  • It took me a while to figure out what cha was. I have never heard it like that. It is always C H A to me. Your hubby and kids did super fine! What a perfect welcome home card. If you watched the video while gone, I bet it melted your heart and made you homesick. My heart is a glob on the floor now. So Sweet. AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Lucky you!

  • omg I could not wipe the smile off my face…this man deserves a round of applause…sarah god has definitely blessed you with an awesome family!!! Hope you enjoyes CHA

  • I loved watching the videos of your hubby and your kids making the card. My hubby would not know how to use the cricut. you have a keeper there who makes cards with the kids. love it. my hubby made 2 cards and it was with help also. is your hubby going to do any more videos by the way and make also.?? with the kids??

  • How stinkin cute!! I have to agree with a lot of these ladies! The last thing my husband would do is create stuff for me! He is a genius at all types of electronics but Im not sure he even knows how to turn on my Cricut! 🙂

  • OMG Sarah Your family is amazing. I truly love the card. I love that your husband cut the sheep backwards and then used it anyway – it was cute all striped. I hope that these videos are some of your favorites in years to come.

    It was so sweet to see that they truly love you and missed you.

  • So cute! Your hubby even knew what the carts and stamps were called. Too funny! Do you let them play with your cricut stuff or did they have to wait until you were away to get tpo play?

  • Way to go Mr. Pink Cricut! That was fantastic and the kids are SO adorable. I love the beginning of the video where it says “INSERT TITLE HERE” LOL you did a great job – all Sarah’s friends are proud of you! (Sarah is too HA!)

  • That was the sweetest thing ever! My husband doesn’t even know what a cricut is! So sad for me.LOL. WHat a loving family. You are sooo Blessed!

  • Oh, I couldn’t help laughing at his backwards sheep, and learning how to set the depth of the blade. Haven’t we all gone through that! Terrific video, you should have him and the kids “guest star” again sometime!

  • OMGosh…how cute is that! What a beautiful family! That is so funny that they opened your box and your daughter knew exactly what it was!! I think your hubby had more fun with that card and all the tools than the kids did! I think it is fantastic and mind you, he did a fab job!

    • tehee–yes, I have heard lots of husbands who were “forced” to watch this! LOL
      Funny thing is my husband actually enjoyed himself–and I bet he will make another appearance in the future!! 🙂

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