Making Name or Word Stamps with the Cricut

Good Morning everyone! 🙂 I spent the first couple of hours this morning, at the DMV- It went faster than I had expected, but I was still there for an hour and a half.  I was lucky enough to have my husband, watch the kids while I did this–because there is nothing worse than trying to keep 2 kids occupied at the DMV for hours!


On Tuesday,  I did a short tutorial on how to make your own stamps using children’s craft foam and your cricut. If you missed that tutorial- please view it here. 

Today, I have a similar tutorial, on how to make a name or a word stamp.  I chose to make name stamps for my 2 kids.  I always have a hard time finding either of my kids’ names on personalized items.  They are usually out of Alexis, and they never spell Jaxen the way we do.  But, that’s okay–because it’s much more fun, to make our own personalized things!

Have a fantastic Thursday! 🙂




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