ADDED 7/23:  You can see the Patent Pictures and INFO here!

Looks like you can choose to print, cut or print and cut– and possibly merge images with the machine?  Also looks like it will still take our catridges–whew!

Hmmm…we know ProvoCraft is coming out with some kind of new machine in time for CHA this month.  But did you also know that…

According to recent trademark filings with the US Patent & Trademark office, that machine may be an offering called the Cricut Imagine that will both cut and print – a first for the company as well as for the scrapbook industry’s highly competitive electronic die cutting segment.

On March 19th, attorneys for Provo Craft filed an application to receive a trademark on the term “Cricut Imagine”. The description for the usage of the trademarked term reads:

Electronic cutting and printing machines for cutting and printing on paper, cardboard, plastic, and other materials in flat form, and accessories therefor; blades for electronic cutting machines

There’s also a reference to the term being used to market “Computer software containing fonts and graphics for use in operating electronic cutting and printing machines for cutting and printing on paper, cardboard, plastic, and other materials in flat form” as well as “plastic cutting mats”.

So….could it be the big machine coming out at CHA–I don’t know, but I do know that I will be there to take first hand pictures for you! 🙂

I did find this picture floating around the Cricut Circle Messageboard.  Could it be?


  • This is really exciting. Do you know when they will reveal who has won the Sneak Peek promotion? I am very excited to learn more about this product! Thanks for sharing this information!


  • Sarah, I hadn’t even seen anything like this floating around (but I’m not part of the circle either) and think it would be amazing! Although, could it just be an expression, with the markers? lol. That would print and cut, right?

    So far I’m a small fortune in on Provo Craft Stuff, but if this is as great as it sounds, and my Gypsy will work with it… SOLD!

    🙂 Dawn

  • Ewwe, you better check that out – fill me in, I might need a new toy!! My hubby told me the other night, that I “have spent more in this past year on cricut stuff then” he has “the entire time we have been married” – probably true, lol……seeing that we have been married for 12 1/2 years and together 15 – I don’t know rather I need a “cricut budget” or her needs to learn to spend more 🙂

    Where is the website for CHA? Do you know if they travel around or if they are only held in a few places??? I wanna go…..

  • This sounds like one of those things I will not be able to pass up and if it does what my expression does plus prints? My school will have 2 used Cricuts to use.

  • I think it will be like a expression and a Gypsy together. It will be able to weld, cut, draw and you will have a led screen to see all your cart. (like the gypsy). I guess we’ll see in a few days.

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