It's HERE!

 My Cricut Circle Welcome Package is here–

I promised I would keep you all posted of all that the Circle entails–so, with that I am going to share my package with you too!  Well…share as much as I can, via video.  If we all got together for a crop, I’d share it’s contents with you too! 🙂




Here is what the Welcome Letter says:  ( I read it in the video, if you’d rather just listen to it)

Welcome to the Cricut Circle!


First of all, we want to thank you for being a passionate member of our community.  We feel extremely fortunate to have the most amazing group of people participating in a community of learning, creativity, inspiration, and sharing. 

One of the nice things about the Cricut Circle is that it provides all of us at Provo Craft an intimate opportunity to talk and meet with people who are using our products everyday to create projects that truly mean something. 

We know that all of us create things for different reasons, whether it is celebrating a birth in the family, giving someone a gift as a wedding, commemorating a special family vacation, or simply creating something for the pure, unadulterated fun of it.  With your help and guidance, we are creating the Cricut Circle as a special place to help nurture all these activities and inspire each other to new levels of creativity. 

During your time in the Cricut Circle we will be fostering this community through a variety of activities including swarms, forums, webinars, blogs, online magazines, galleries, and other events.  As a valued member of the Cricut Circle, you will also be getting inside information about Provo Craft and will be asked to help us shape the future of Cricut. 

and here is a quick card I already made with the French Manor Cartridge Card Feature


French Manor
French Manor Card


All I did was use a cut from the cartridge on double sided paper, and added ribbon 🙂   Just something quick to let you see a project from French Manor!


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