Crop-a-Dile Tutorial

How was everyone’s 4th of July?? Are you still celebrating?

Yesterday, I did a tutorial on the BIG BITE–because that is the one that I own. But, when I was asked to do a tutorial, it was actually for the smaller one- the Crop-a-Dile.  So, I borrowed my good friend, Katie’s (who picked hers up at WM for $10)!  She was happy to let me borrow it, because she was a little confused on how to use it also!

I hate to think that someone has a terrific tool out there, like the cropadile–and can’t use it because they can’t figure it out!  I am like that with one of my kitchen items. I just can’t seem to figure it out.  It is so frustrating!

Anyway, I didn’t want Katie to be frustrated, so I helped her figure it out…and now, I don’t want you to be frustrated–so I am going to show you quickly the ins and outs of the cropadile. Actually, I really enjoyed using this little one, and think I might have to get one for myself in addition to my Big Bite!



In my video I also mentioned that I would list the TOP and BASE cube combinations for the common settings– so here they are:


Grommets:  D4

Standard Eyelets: A3

Standard Snaps: B3

Oversized Eyelets: C1

Misc. and square shaped embellishments: D1

Here is the combination chart to look at if none of your embellishments fall into the top category.  This chart does come with your tool, but sometimes we misplace those :) .


A. 3/16 inch eyelet setter- for all standard and oversized eyelets

B 1/8 inch round snap setter. Dish shaped for all 1/8 inch round standard snaps.

C 1/8 inch eyelet setter. For all 1/8 inch standard and oversized eyelets.

D Flat Setter. For all oversized, misc. and square shaped metal embellishments and snaps


1 Large/Extra Large Eyelet and Snap Flare- for all 3/16 inch standard, oversized and misc eyelets and snaps

2 Medium Eyelet and Snap Flare- for other nonstandard, oversized and misc eyelets and snaps

3 Small Eyelet and Snap Flare- For all 1/8 inch standard, oversized and misc eyelets and snaps

4 Cone shaped Flare- for snaps and eyelets where the eyelet tube is not completely hollow and for other misc cast metal eyelets and snap shapes.

Hope this helps everyone!



  • Wow! Thanks for the tutorial. I was thinking about buying the Crop-A-Dial, but was afraid it would be confusing. After watching this, I am totally going to get one! I am more interesting in attaching snaps, and am still a bit confused on this, since it wasn’t part of your video, but I am sure I can figure it out.

  • Wow! Thank you, very much! I just picked up my cropodile today and was so excited, but totally let down by the lack of instructions that came with the actual tool! You rock! Good luck with your kitchen appliance!

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  • I purchased the Crop-A-Dile Big Bite becaues I was interested in having just one tool to punch holes and “set snaps” with. I have done nothing but ruin my snaps and they are not that inexpensive to purchase in themselves. I purchased this item at JoAnn’s fabrics, it was $39.99 and then was on sale for an additional 30% off; but not one employee knew how to use this item. If you are a fabric and craft store would a normal person not think they should know how to use the products they are selling? As for the packaging the instructional print is so light against the color that I couldn’t read it without standing in the sun and using a magnifying glass and I still can’t figure it out. My neighbor who does extensive crafting, sewing and wood work looked at it and he couldn’t figure it our either. I am not happy with this product.

  • Oh, not only a lack of insrtuctions, but now I am told that I have to use their brand of snaps. If this is true, I am returning my Big Bite.

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