Crop-a-Dile Big Bite Tutorial

First of all, HAPPY 4th of JULY to everyone!  Enjoy your family and friends today–and all the yummy food! 🙂 Also, remember our soldiers who are in the states and especially those who are overseas defending our freedom.  Even if you don’t support the war, we still need to support our troops!

My little brother is in the Army, and this is one of the first years he will be in the states for Independence Day in a few years! He spent 15 months in Iraq- and we will be seeing him on Tuesday!


My husband’s little brother just got home last month from Afghanistan- and we are with him now.  We are very proud of the sacrifice both of our “little” brothers are making–and are thankful to every man or woman out there who are making America a country to be proud of! I l <3 America….and….


I <3 my BIG BITE!  I can punch a hole through almost anything, and I can set eyelets with ease!  But, when I very first got my little tool, I had no idea how to use it!  So, it just sat there, until I had time to figure it out!


I was asked by a scrapbooking friend of mine, if I would show her how to use the Crop-a-Dile….so, of course I couldn’t turn her down!  I decided I would do a short tutorial on both the crop-a-dile and the Big Bite.  So, tomorrow look for the tutorial on the smaller sized crop-a-dile.

Also, keep a lookout at your local

Wal-mart- because these handy little tools have been seen more than once for $10 a piece!  It’ll be one of the best $10 you ever spend on scrapbooking tools! 🙂

In my video I also mentioned that I would list the TOP and BASE cube combinations for the common settings– so here they are:


Grommets:  D4

Standard Eyelets: A3

Standard Snaps: B3

Oversized Eyelets: C1

Misc. and square shaped embellishments: D1


Here is the combination chart to look at if none of your embellishments fall into the top category.  This chart does come with your tool, but sometimes we misplace those :).


A. 3/16 inch eyelet setter- for all standard and oversized eyelets

B 1/8 inch round snap setter. Dish shaped for all 1/8 inch round standard snaps.

C 1/8 inch eyelet setter. For all 1/8 inch standard and oversized eyelets.

D Flat Setter. For all oversized, misc. and square shaped metal embellishments and snaps


1 Large/Extra Large Eyelet and Snap Flare- for all 3/16 inch standard, oversized and misc eyelets and snaps

2 Medium Eyelet and Snap Flare- for other nonstandard, oversized and misc eyelets and snaps

3 Small Eyelet and Snap Flare- For all 1/8 inch standard, oversized and misc eyelets and snaps

4 Cone shaped Flare- for snaps and eyelets where the eyelet tube is not completely hollow and for other misc cast metal eyelets and snap shapes.


Hope this helps everyone!





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