The Cricut Imagine Announced

So, I guess at the Cricut Circle Gala last night, many Circlets received Imagine machines! Yay for them….  🙁 for me.  But, that’s okay– I hope they create wonderful things!

The Imagine will be able to use old cartridges and special “imagine cartridges” as well.  You can select preset colors or make your own color combinations.

You  can see more of the Imagine on these videos by Sweet Sassy Diva— You can check out her site, by clicking on her name link!

NEW VIDEO BY TAMMY SKINNER at Cricut Critters!!!/video/video.php?v=1561831448376

I told you I would share everything with you about the Cricut Circle, as I found out…so here is the latest…and it looks like we were right!

Ink cartridges are going to be 34.99 for black and 39.99 for color 🙁

HSN will start selling the machine in September– will I get it??  Probably, if the price comes down just a little ;).  I love a good sale!  Plus I have to try it out for all of you!~

So, what do you think??


  • Not so sure if I want to spend that kind of money. Think for now I will keep on useing my expression, I can cut up to 24 inches on it and the new one says cuts up to 11.5. Will have to wait and see first hand what it does before I shell out that much money.

  • I am sure the price will come down.. look how pricey the gypsy was when it first came out and it has gone waaaaay down in price. However, it has a very high price tag to start out with!!!

  • i am not impressed i dont think printing those patterns is creative at all ill stick with my machine where i get to decide what papers i will use to give it personallity and ink my edges add shading with chalks and more…to me this would be great if you dont enjoy that process but I DO. I cant believe how much they want for it and i can bet the ink will be very expensive too Im sure it will come down in price but I dont think this is something id ever buy. very disapointed !!

  • Way too expensive. It’s a printer that cuts basically. I mean really you can already do that with the expression for the most part.

    I will not be buying it – I like my expression and am sticking ot it. Heck I’m still trying to save for the Gypsy.

  • Yeah I’m still try to save for my Gypsy as well. Sounds interesting. I want to see it in action for sure! Thank you for alerting us. Even though I’m in the Circle.. I wasn’t paying attention. LOL

  • Well, I have to say the machine is really neat but it bit to pricey for me!!! I will continue to use my Expression and Gypsy until I have to by a new one!

  • Very cool! But too pricey for me…plus I will wait until they come out with the new and improved version. I am wondering if it would be SCAL compatible? I have a hard time buying cartridges for my E. Sounds like you would be spending a lot more money with the ink. I wonder how long those lasts?? These are questions I need answered before I would invest in this machine.

  • Way too pricey. Very cool, but definitely not going in my scraproom. At least the ink price is decent and that they partnered with a decent company for the printer portion of the machine.

  • really that is what all the fuss was about??? hahaha maybe it can come over and do my journaling too??? seems to me that it takes all the creativity out of crafting?? and at that price who do they think they are selling to??? No thanks provo craft!

  • Or you can get a Silhouette that does Print + Cut with your home printer. For the price of this Cricut machine you can get a Silhouette, a laptop, and a printer.

    • I wondered how the Silhouette compared to the Cricut! Thanks for the info. I never knew that it existed til AFTER I got the Cricut!

  • Seriously, would not spend that kind of money. I’ll wait a couple of years for them to make some changes and improvements, then buy one off of Craigslist for a lot less!

  • Have they lost there minds!!!I see all kinds of cricut machines and cartridges still on shelves in our area. The prices are to high…and the Walmart cartridges haven’t been moving to fast either.I guess this is great for someone in business but for the crafter who never gets payed for their time its a bit much!!!

  • If anyone does digital scrapbooking, you can do the same thing, printing it out on your regular printer and then cutting it out by hand if you want. I don’t see the advantage over that unless you really (maybe physically) can’t use a scissors/paper cutter. I will stick to my trusty “old” cricut and my digital scrapbooking program.

  • What a ridiculous price! Thats why I bought and love my original Silhouette. It already has a print and cut feature, and I paid 1/5th of the price of the Imagine.Plus it just uses regular ink from my printer. Yes, I dont get a lot of the cute cricut shapes, but I make do just fine. That price is insane

  • How is it that some circlets got one and some did not… some of us were not able to attend due to previous engagements or??? mhhhhh
    If you have an answer, I would really like to know?

    • Gaby, I don’t know exactly how they chose the people who got one. I did not get one either 🙁 But, I am trying my best not to feel jipped 😉

  • My concern about the “cricut imagine” machine is the printer. I am just wondering if and when the printer wears out does the cricut machine stop working too. The ink is too expensive. I pay less money for my canon printer ink. I love layering my cricut images using my own colors & patterned paper that I buy in the scrapbooking store. I rather save my money to purchase cartridges for my personal and expression machines. I will have to wait and see if it’s worth paying that kind of money for something that I may not like.

  • I just saw this for the first time on your site. I’m not that impressed. The price, especially in this economy, is OUTRAGEOUS! Don’t know who they expect to sell it too. I have the first Cricut they came out with and don’t have the Expression either because that is way too pricey for me, and I bought that on sale and only have 2 cartridges because I can’t afford more than that right now. Provo Craft needs to realize that not everyone has a MONEY TREE in their back yards.

  • I love this machine, iknow is expensive , but i bougth my expression machine with 6 payments. maybe i can buy this one with 6 payments to. its a nice machine is diferent. but i continues love my cricut expression

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