Cricut Circle News

 No Cricut Circle Welcome Kit …yet!

I haven’t even gotten a Fedex message, saying it is on it’s way.  This is sad, but I know that all good things come to those who wait….but, it doesn’t say in there anywhere that I need to wait patiently….right???

I did get the first Cricut Circle survey today, though.  



The survey asked a variety of questions–from what Provocraft thing we owned, to what song we thought would be good on a Cricut Circle soundtrack.  It asked what our scrapbooking style was….and asked where we would like to see a Cricut Circle event held.  It was a nice and quick get-to-know-you survey….

I will keep you posted on the delivery of my Cricut Circle package….but, I did get a set of Scrappy Moms stamps today!! I was very excited about that! 🙂 Guess I will have to put them to good use this week!




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