Cricut 4 Kids Coloring Pages

Good Morning!

Remember my Cricut 4 Kids idea, and how I hoped to do a kids project once every couple of weeks–well, it has been 3 weeks! OOPS…I am sorry.

So, here is a fun and quick project you can do with your kids or any kid that stops over! 🙂 You can use any cartridge, and you can even personalize it for the child, by adding their name.  I let the kids pick what they wanted on their pages today– but, you could also print off several pictures and make a little coloring book for your child.

You could make coloring pages, for the kids who attend a wedding.  Or, you could making coloring pages for a Sunday School class.  You could also use the pages, to help your child practice their cutting skills.  The possibilities are endless, and so much fun!

My only warning is: after your kids know you can do this, they will be asking for all kinds of coloring pages–and you will never get any crafting done! 🙂

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