Craft shopping Haul

So, I have been going through cartridge withdrawals…I hadn’t bought one since…oh, I don’t know…whenever I bought my first LITE.  It was so bad, that every time my husband and I needed to go to the store for something–I kept asking to go to Walmart.  This is very odd for me, because I am a Target girl through and through.  BUT, with WM carrying Lite cartridges, they have gained my business…a little.

I do not have anything against WM shoppers- I just prefer Target carts, Starbucks just inside the door, and red over blue ;).

I had heard that Joanne’s was having some major sales, so I checked them out…along with Hobby Lobby too!  So without any further ado…here is my haul!



  • Great haul. You are going to LOVE the scotch quick dry adhesive. OMYGOSH with the school supplies out already. I could not believe when I was out the other day and saw that all the stores has there out. I was at Hobby Lobby on Thursday and also could not believe all the Christmas stuff. They start earlier and earlier every year. I know it is sad when your child first start school, but try not to worry too much. The first week will be hard for you, but once you see how much they love it you will be fine:) Have a great weekend…now you made me want to go shopping.:) My husband thanks you for that lol.

  • I did not think I was going to make the blog hop today, but here I am also it’s my very first ever blog hop. Nice haul, LOL… I have only bought one cricut lite cartridge “Bloom” it’s a great one lots of flowers and one of my fav’s birdcages. Have a great time at the convention.

  • I love the coupons that Joanns, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby always offers. You can create your own sale when you get to pick that item you have wanted for a while.

  • I just had to laugh at what you said about WalMart. I feel the same about the whole Walmart vs Target! But man…do I wanna go check out some Lite cartridges =)

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