Walmart disappoints Local Scrappers, and ProvoCraft is exploding with new carts!

So, I visited our local Wal-mart tonight, which is being remodeled.  It is quite the mess, and it is so difficult to find anything.  Anyway, they just got their “craft” section put together– and I walked through it twice.  I couldn’t believe my eyes– there was not a scrapbook section, at all.  No stickers, no stamps, no paper, nothing.  I was shocked!!

Now, I have to be fair and mention, that there was a couple craft totes that were mixed in with the jewelry section- which could be used for scrapbooking- and there was a couple Cricut Expressions marked down on the end cap.  They were not on display, only put there to get rid of them, it looked like.

Luckily, I did not do a whole lot of my scrapbook shopping there, but still it is a little sad, that I won’t get to look there for good scrap deals.  🙁  (Once a couple friends and I found cropadiles and Big Bites for $10 a piece…best price I’ve ever seen those)

On a happier note- I did see that ProvoCraft is releasing 24 new cartridges this month– CRAZY!  I don’t feel like I have even caught up on getting the ones that I want that have already been released.  So, I guess…it might have to be a Cricut Christmas for me! 🙂

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  • I noticed our craft section is slowly downsizing as well (Peoria, AZ Walmart)…and I was able to find the Cropadile with eyelets & case for $10 a few months ago!

    It seems that Michael’s is downsizing the Scrapbooking section as well and beads are the sudden ‘rage.’ I noticed that Walmart & Michaels’ bead/jewelry making sections are taking over! Disappointing to say the least!

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