Live Simply Frog Card

Today I made the cute little frog from the Live Simply lite cartridge.  I found cute green and pink scrapbooking paper, and decided to try out my I-rock with other iron-on stones to see if it would work. In high school, I used to collect frogs- and my favorite colors were green and pink.  So, this card takes me back….oh….12 years… (shhh…don’t tell anyone).

frog2frog1 frog2                                                           frog1



  • Super cute card! My fav colors are pink and lime green so I adore this card! I was wondering if the I-Rock would work with other items. I still need to get the I-Rock, hopefully sooner than later LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  • good to know! I got a bunch of really nice quality bulk rhinestones from HSN years ago that are iron-ons. I’m glad I’ll be able to use them a little easier!

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