Joann’s Price Matching

I have not personally done any price matching at Joann’s before–but, will definitely be trying this is in the near future.  Have any of you price matched at Joann’s, and what was your experience with them?

Here’s the information as posted in the flyer:
  • applies to identical item comparison only  (would the exact item need to be listed or pictured in the ad?)
  • price to match must have been advertised within past 7 days
  • includes ads for competitors, Jo-Ann stores, and (includes coupons too)
  • proofer of lower price via original/current ad or print-out of online price (this was WM’s supposed problem yesterday, with my printed off ad. :/)
  • available in-store only; see manager for details
  • excludes special buys, liquidations and club purchases, no additional discounts apply
If you try the Big Lots ad at Joann’s –Let me know!  
Happy and Cheap Shopping to you ALL!

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  • I have used Big Lot ads, Michael's ads, and Hobby Lobby ads at Joanne's without any problems.
    I also take these ads to Walmart; they match any ad. GOOD LUCK!!

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