I Rock, That is fun to say! :)

I rock!! Okay, I have been waitttttttttiiiiiinngggg patiently (okay, maybe not so patiently) for the Imaginisce I-Rock to be released!  It was supposed to be released in May, and it wasn’t :(.  BUT, it is finally starting to show up at stores–at leas online stores….so, I ORDERED MINE!! 🙂

First of all, it’s PINK!
Second of all it’s a Rhinestone setter!

Bling and Pink–how could you not LOVE it??

Imaginisce advertises it : “This tool will rock your world! The i-rock will permanently affix rhinestones, jewels, pearls, or mirrors to paper, fabric, or even furniture to create a dazzling masterpiece! It’s so easy! No need for messy glue. And with it’s stylish pink design, you might even want to carry it jus as a fashion statement… I do!”
You can then buy sets of colored rhinestones or pearls–that come in huge quantities–for pretty cheap!  
See?? 800 rhinestones!  I got the pink, black and clear set, as well as a tube of hot-fix pearls!

AND, guess what? For everything I just showed you pictures of…I only spent $26 with SHIPPING! Now, that is AMAZING!! 🙂


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