I have made the switch

I have decided to make the switch to WordPress, to give me more flexibility with my blog.  I am excited and nervous for this change!  I am excited for the new things I will be able to do with my blog site, but nervous of the WordPress learning curve.  So, please be patient with me, as I find my way around.  I do not have a designer.  I have designed everything on my own– with help from blogging websites (for html coding) and my husband.

I will try to keep the changes minimal- and integrate them slowly-  The site was done for a couple of hours this evening, and it was so frustrating not to be connected to you all! 🙂 Thank goodness for Facebook.


You will notice on the top right, the Pink Cricut button is still available to grab!  Her only difference is that she is brighter and is wearing more of a pink than an orange :).  I still have my list of followers (that my husband had to figure out how to transfer over) and my category list of tools and cartridges in a cleaner looking drop-down menu.


On the top left, you will see 4 hearts, that you can click to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, RSS feed or YouTube. Below that, you can still find my search feature–if you are looking for something specific.


On the top you will see the About Me and Contact Page. I hope to add a couple more pages in the future, but I thought that was enough changes for today! 🙂


Thanks for being patient with me and if you want take a second and tell me what you like about the page–or what you think I could change.


  • Do you pay for the website. I did buy my domain name, but did not sign up for .com website, even though I have the .com domain name. Is it easy to switch. I do not have a designer either.

    I am afraid to switch, just because I have a illness that puts me down for weeks at a time and I am afraid I will not feel up to the learning curve.

    I am lucky to be crafting, so do not spend much of my energy learning the website stuff. If I was not so sick all the time I would do it.

    How much does it cost to have the web page.


    • Chris, I bought my domain name from godaddy in April. I purchased wordpress hosting from Godaddy as well, which is $8 a month. The transition is a bit of a hassle, but worth it for me.

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