How to Emboss with your Cricut

I had a FB friend, ask me to do a video on embossing with my cricut….so, here it is!
I am so excited about this awesome technique and how it opens up the world of possibilities to Cricut users.  This is something you could do in the Expression or the Baby Bug.

The only “extra” supplies you will need is a foam mat of some sort.  I used the rubber pad that comes with the embossing kit for the Big Shot.  So, you may already have a piece….if not…. you can buy the Sizzix Texturz Plates Starter Kit– it comes with 6 embossing designs, and the Silicone Rubber pad. (can be found at overstock for uner $20.) If you have the cuttlebug, that’s great–because the texturz can me used in the cuttlebug!!

A similar rubber mat comes with spellbinders OR you can probably just go to the hardware store, and make your own?? Let me know if you do this, because I’d like to make a 12×12 one.

Here we go!
Note: The blade depth was set at 6, medium speed and high pressure.  Though, you could probably go to max pressure easily.  

Here is the embossed flower I created with my expression-  (although, I did think it looked like a snowflake)
Here’s an angled shot of the embossing.


  • I am using a soft foamy placemat that I bought at a dollar store. It is huge 15 1/2″ by 23″ and I was able to cut it into several small mats for various applications. It may not last for a long time (it is very cheap foam), but as a quick and cheap mat alternative it works and can almost cover the 12″ by 24″ mat with foam to spare for a small border shaped mat.

  • Thanks, this will save me some money that my hubby thinks I keep wasting (men, they will never get it hehe) I did see that they do make 12×12 mats for the Spellbinders (Tan mat) for as low as $20 shipped might definitely be worth looking into.

  • I own a Cricut Explorer. Trying to find out how to emboss on it, if possible. I am not understanding whether I can do it on the Explorer or need another machine to emboss. If you can do it on the Cricut Explorer would appreciate any instructions or websites to learn.

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