Cricut Circle

WOWZA!! I am shocked and a little sad.  Cricut has released more information about their exclusive CRICUT CIRCLE.

Basically, it is $275 a year, or $80 a quarter– for a membership??  You do get 4 cartridges, with this membership, and a discount at  But, quite frankly, I don’t buy my cartridges from nor do I  pay $68 for one cartridge–especially without seeing it first!  That is just crazy talk in my opinion.  Do you know how many cartridges I could buy for $275?!!

I was a little bummed about the Walmart exclusive cartridges, because my Walmart just did away with their scrapbooking section.  However, I still went on a search for a WM who did carry the Lite cartridges–and bought one anyway.

But, this whole circle thing, is going a bit far!  I mean I LOVE, love , LOVE my Pink Expression and GYPSY as much as the next girl–but, all of this “paid club” talk- just breaks my heart…err…my bank?

Okay, now that I have had time to let the shock wear off—and think about it a little more….I could see maybe, how this could be worth it.  You would have to LOVE all 4 carts, and want one of the 800point carts in the Cricut Rewards program.  

So, that means, that you would essentially be getting 5 cartridges for $275, bringing each cartridge down to $55 a piece.  On top of all that you would get extra reward points- 2 for every $1 spent.  (I still don’t spend much at and the opportunity to buy things pre-market at special pricing.  Although, I don’t have high hopes for this “special pricing”.  

So, for me it’s a matter on if I want to purchase French Manor, Tags Bags Boxes and More, plus 3 other UNSEEN cartridges for $55 a piece….or, if I just want to buy carts I know I want for $30-40 a piece from online retailers. 


  • I however know that I will not do this. I think it is over priced. I never get any of my cartridges that I don't pay about $35 and 40 at the most. If they start this , just what other kind of thing will come up that they will charge and arm and leg for? Not happy at all about it.

  • i think that your blog & other cricut blogs are a great substitute for this circle. i don’t spend that much on carts. i am curious about the circle, but not willing to spend that much to get what i already get through the blogs & sales.

  • I can say that I am very disappointed in this. When I bought my Cricut there were other options for die cutting, and I chose the Cricut in good faith. My daughters are dancers and cheerleaders and in order to get the dance cartridge I have to join a club that costs a fortune. It makes me wish I had thought about it a little more. I got the Cricut Cake for Christmas, and am now rethinking that decision. I could still return it because I haven’t opened it. I am very disappointed in this “exclusive club”. The Cricut machines are expensive enough as it is, and the cartridges are way too expensive unless you can get them on sale. Now, let’s add a club you MUST belong to for cartridges you want, as well.

    • I am now not only frustrated with the cost of cartriges as all of you are and the membership price, but if you want to purchase a cartridge on line for use in the craft room it costs you as much as if you bought the actual cartridge. They are becomming a big rip-off and the money we hae all ready spent makes it to hard to just chuck it all and start with another machine.

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