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Frequently Asked Questions

“1. Are there plans to host events outside of the US?

At this time the Cricut Circle is available in North America only. Our current events are planned for the USA. However, we ABSOLUTELY want to expand the Cricut Circle outside of the United States! We are working through the logistics in having the Cricut Circle be international! If you are interested in ****isting with this, please send an email to Be certain to reference INTERNATIONAL CC in the Subject Line

2. May Cricut Circle members sell their cartridges to members outside the Circle?

Provo Craft will not be selling the cartridges outside the Cricut Circle. We anticipate that Cricut Circle members will know that they have paid for premium content and the cartridges will uphold their value.

3. Will we get advance notice as to what the next exclusive cartridge, it’s name and images?


4. What are the differences in membership benefits for people who have paid for the whole year vs people who are paying quarterly?

The most significant difference is the Cricut Rewards Points and Invitations to select galas, events and swarms. As stated in the invitation, if you choose to be a Premier Charter Member—which constitutes paying for the year in advance—you will receive 800 Cricut Rewards Points (enough to buy another cartridge ). Additionally if you pay for the full year, you will receive first run of invitations to select swarms, galas and events. Several of the events planned will allow a specific number of people to attend based on the capacity of the venue. We will reward the Premier Charter Members by offering them the invitations first.

5. How will the packages to Canada be sent?

They will be sent via USPS. Provo Craft will incur the shipping cost to Canada. However, the recipient will have to pay duties and taxes based on Canadian law.

6. If a member chooses to cancel their membership, will this be available online?

We are working on a manner for those who wish to leave the Cricut Circle and to cancel online. This will be available in advance of the first deadline for quarterly members, which is October 5th.

7. Will there be a special event at CHA this summer?

CHA (The Craft and Hobby ****ociation) does have a Consumer Show. It is held at the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. Provo Craft is planning something special for the Cricut Circle Members.

8. Will we be able to see the images of French Manor?

Yes. We will be posting them on next week.

9. When will the Cricut Circle Forum be ready for Cricut Circle Members?

The Cricut Circle Forum will launch for Cricut Circle Members on July 1st.

10. Is a 30 day trial period available?

No. There is a yearly and quarterly option available to those who wish to join the Cricut Circle for less than a year.

11. Will Provo Craft offer more than one cart per quarter for the $275?

At this time the membership fee includes four exclusive cartridges.

12. Will Provo Craft consider a cartridge only membership?

At this time Provo Craft is not offering a cartridge only membership.

13. Will a separate rewards site for Cricut Circle members?

YES! There will be special items on the Cricut Rewards program ONLY available to Cricut Circle members.

14. If you sign up for quarterly and then choose to sign up for a year on October 1st will the quarterly price be deducted from the $274.99?

No. At anytime if you choose to enter the Circle as a yearly membership, you may pay the full yearly membership price and your yearly membership will start at that quarter(July/Oct/Jan/Apr).

15. Will you receive Cricut Reward points for the membership fee payment?

Yes. You will receive Cricut Reward points for the membership fee price.

16. Why are some people are being charged tax for the Cricut Circle membership fee and others are not?

The tax is determined by each state.

17. What perks are coming from retail partners?

The retail groups that have partnered with the Provo Craft for the Cricut Circle will be posted on the Cricut Circle site in July.

18. Can you explain more about the Cricut Circle Charm?

YES! The Cricut Circle bracelet is adjustable for large and small wrists. Provo Craft would like to reserve the first glimpse of the bracelet for those who have joined the Cricut Circle.

19. Can you provide further explanation on membership privileges being limited and ****ociated with lower membership numbers?

There may be a limited of number tickets/admissions available for certain Cricut Circle events. Invitations will be sent out in order of lowest membership number first. Sign up early!

20. What is the difference between Charter Membership and Regular Membership?

Charter membership is open until June 30, 2010. Regular Membership/Open Enrollment will begin on July 1st. One benefit that will change with the Regular Membership is the amount of rewards points available for the yearly membership fee. Starting July 1st, yearly memberships will only receive 200 Cricut Rewards points.

21. Will there be a calendar of events?

YES! The initial Cricut Circle calendar of events will be available on the Cricut Circle landing page beginning July 1st.

22. Is the cost of the four exclusive cartridges included in the Circle Membership fee?


23. Will Provo Craft pay for the travel, lodging, meals, etc for the Cricut Circle galas, swarms and events?

No. Provo Craft will be hosting the events. Provo Craft will not be paying for Circle members travel, lodging, meals, etc. Provo Craft will be sending out the first round of invitations to those who have joined in June 2010 and have paid for a Yearly Membership. If the events do not fill to capacity with these Premier Charter Members, the second round of invitations will go to Charter Members who joined in June and chose the quarterly payment. The third round of invitations will be extended to those who have chosen to join the Circle after June 30, 2010.

24. If a Cricut Circle member is invited to an event, may they invite a non-Cricut Circle member?

Yes, you will be eligible to bring one non-member to SPECIFIED events. Not all of the events based on the limited capacity. We definitely want to reward our Premier Charter members. To clarify, Premier Charter members are those who have joined before June 30, 2010 and have chosen to pay the yearly membership fee in full.

25. How will the Welcome Kits be shipped: FedEx, UPS, or USPS?

Shipments to the USA will be shipped via FedEx. Cricut Circle Members will receive their tracking numbers to track thei
r Welcome Kits! Although you will NOT be able to miss it in the mail! It is quite Cricut Circle!”

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