Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays

So my kids have been sick all week :(, which means I haven’t been getting any sleep.  They have sore throats, no voice, and they are wheezing and a coughing.  My daughter is on the very last part of hers, and feeling herself again, but my son…is just at the worst part.  He doesn’t like to take medicine, he doesn’t want to eat…and he wakes up every single time he coughs.

So, that means that mom is TIRED.  But, I have managed to get in some videos this week–and am planning on getting some good scrapping done this weekend! The grandparents are picking up the kids on Friday, (if they are feeling better) and keeping them til Tuesday.
So, today I did a simple and quick birthday card, that you can easily adapt to make into any kind of card you need.

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