A Bubbly Birthday

I know my sister will probably read this-but, that’s okay.  She will just get a sneak peek at her birthday card. 🙂  I didn’t realize that I did the last 2 cards with “A Child’s Year,” until I started writing this.  So, I apologize for being redundant.

I do love this little girl and the bathtub –and I have been really wanting to use her on something.  I will probably use a bigger version of her on a bathtub picture of my daughter…  But, when my sister told me she wanted to celebrate her birthday with a Spa day–I knew this would be the perfect card.  As a mom, I am lucky to get a “spa” like this little girl.  So, I know that even a spa in your own bathtub can be just as rewarding as a spa in a salon…..okay, maybe not. 🙂

Well, in your own bathroom or not, take some time for “you” this month–whether it is your birthday or not! And to my sister: Pour some bubble bath in the tub, turn down the lights, put on some music…and relax.

A Child’s Year
White premade card
Pop Dots

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