Vinyl Art

One of my favorite things to do with my cricut, is to use it to cut out vinyl decorations for my home.  In the first few weeks, I think my husband was convinced I was going to cover every inch of our house in vinyl lettering.

My favorite piece I did, is in my scraproom.  I bought the Love Struck Limited Edition cartridge specifically for it’s zebra heart.  I am sure I will use it on other things as well, but it is the shape that “sold” me.  I was also excited to be able to get it at a very reasonable price.  You can get them for under $20 right now at

For this heart you will need:
2 colors of vinyl.  I used fuschia and black.
Cricut Expression
12 inch cutting mat
Love Struck Cartridge
Transfer tape
Cricut spatula

First cut the shadow of the zebra heart, in black vinyl at 12 inches.  Since the shape was so big, I did not need the transfer tape.

Peel and place the heart on desired surface.  Since, I was using it on a double door, I cut the heart in half before peeling the backing off.

Next, cut the zebra printed heart, at 11.5.  With the extra space, and not wanting to waste any pink vinyl, I also cut out the word, “pink” along with some swirls.

Once cut, use the transfer tape to “pick up” the design.  Some of the zebra stripes are a little intricate, and it’s hard to tell which ones are supposed to stay, and which ones aren’t.  The transfer tape allows you to slowly peel up the design, as you distinguish between the stripes.

Line the zebra striped heart over the black heart, and press firmly.  Use a transfer tool of some sort, to rub out the bubbles and get the vinyl to detach from the transfer tape.  I used a kitchen spatula :).

Repeat with any extra shapes you may have cut out with the “extra” vinyl.

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