The Fence is Up

Today, the fence and stairs down from our balcony was finished, thanks to my father-in-law and the help from neighbors.  I had commented, how we were similar to the Amish, in getting so much work done, so quickly.  Of course, I can say that–since I was not doing all the hard work–so it seemed quick to me.  But, I am sure it seemed ever-long to the men. 
I am so grateful for their hard work in getting it completed in one weekend, and look forward to many gatherings in our backyard.  In completing all of this wood-work, there were lots of spare wood pieces..there I was more than happy to keep.  My husband, was not so happy about this–but, I am sure there are endless possibilites to what I can craft w/ these wooden pieces that would have been thrown away. 

I have a few ideas, and my mom gave me an idea (they are secrets)–but, if you have any ideas…please share!  I have blocks and flat pieces, long and short pieces, plaque size pieces, etc.  So, I am sure if you think of something–I will probably have the wood for it.!

Can’t wait to hear your ideas~

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