Make your own Paper storage

My 2nd video!
Don’t you hate pouring money into storage containers and organizers?  I am guilty of spending lots of money on paper organizers, embellishment containers, and the like.

But, there are cheaper ways to organize and store your scrapbooking and card making things.  Today,  I decided my next video should be about making your own horizontal/vertical paper storage in a very affordable way!~

Note: Please do not go and take the boxes without permission from the Post Office- instead use recycled boxes- your post office should have plenty of extras that have been used already.


  • OH wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    I love this idea!!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing!!! Now I wanna decorate boxes !!!!!!!!
    I think I found the next project .. for the weekend…. how fun was that!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you!!!

  • Oh Sarah, you have done it again. I just got some new packs of paper this weekend and have been wondering how I was going to store them. My rack is full and really dont have room for another rack. Someday I will have to share how I made my paper storage rack out of two sets of those wire stacking milk crate like sets and some twist ties. Really works great at a fraction of the cost.
    But I am getting side tracks. Thanks again. I stopped the video and ran to post office before it closed so I would have the boxes to do it with. Keep the great ideas coming.

  • OKAY, let me just say this is GENIUS! I really do thank you for this… coz I was SO about to go out and by paper holders! <3 LOL My hubby gets nervous when I use my craft knife too! <3

  • WOW that is such a great idea my stacks are piling up and I need to “HIDE” them from my husband LOL! I love that Zebra theme you have going on and that Chandelier is so pretty the bling makes it pop!

  • I love this idea.. I just found your site the other day and seen this video last night.. 🙂 Today I want to the post office and got 3 different size boxs I got the one for 12×12, I got the next smallest which should hold the 8 1/2x 11 size paper perfectly I hope, and then I got the small flat rate box. Since I dont have a lot of stuff (just started to get into scrapbooking, cardmaking) I have very little.. I thought the small box would work nice to hold pens, markers, glue and tapes or other little stuff. Thank you for the idea.

  • Ok, apparently I’m VERY late to the game, but I just found this and LOVE it! I have TONS of flat rate boxes and NEVER though of this! this is going ot save me so much space when it comes to my paper organization. 😀 Thank you so much for sharing this!

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