Michael's Sale of the Season

I took a little trip to Michael’s with a couple of my favorite scrappers last night.  It was a last minute kinda thing….I kept reading Michael’s ad headline, “Lowest Scrapbooking Prices of the Season,” and I just could not resist. 

Now, I am typically a Hobby Lobby girl–because in our town they offer a better selection–and have better prices most of the time.  But, Michaels gets a visit from me every once in awhile.  And, the ad was right–there were some pretty great prices on things.  All their scrapbooking storage was 50% off.  I could’ve really stocked up, but the question of where am I going to put it…kept floating through my head.  So, I stuck to another set of plastic jar containers for my prima flowers- and a new small carry tote- in ZEBRA print.

Their paper was 40% off as well–which heaven knows I did NOT need paper–so I just picked up one booklet of DCWV in Songbird, because it was too cute to pass up, and I knew it was a Michael’s exclusive.

Inks were also 40% off–uhoh.  I just started collecting the fluid chalk inks–and so I picked up a couple more sets.  So far not too shabby…then we came upon something I have never seen before…something that will bring me back to Michael’s more often in the future.  It was a whole section of American Girl crafting supplies.  We are talking their own stamps, ink, books, paper, stickers, jewelry making kits, knitting kits–EVERYTHING. 

Well, how could I pass up adding to my darling daughter’s collection, when we have a trip to American Girl in a few weeks?  I did pretty good–and only bought a few stickers and stamps.  I could have gone crazy buying things–and you know per usual, American Girl was not cheap and it was only 20% off. 

The new scrapping items went straight into the tote daddy picked up for Alexis the other day…isn’t he sweet?  And, doesn’t he know his girls too well?  So, well that at 8:00 he texted us a reminder of time–because I had promised I wouldn’t take very long….and he had an errand to run before 9. 

Oops…where does the time go when you enter a craft store? 

Now, off to using some of my pretty new paper!

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