How Corny :)

Today,  I decided to make the kids homemade corndogs–like the kind you would get at a State Fair 🙂

I know it is not very healthy–but how many fun thing are?

This was the first time I made corndogs from scratch–and it turned out to be pretty simple and quick, and the kids LOVED them!

Alexis even said, that I made “…hotdogs better than daddies.”  That is a huge compliment, because Daddy is a Grill Master!

I started off with Bun Length Oscar Meyer Weiners, and put popsicle sticks in the ends.
Dipped them in a cup full of cordog batter, which was pretty thick–and then dipped them in my little fryer at 375, just until golden brown.
Not perfectly coated like the ones in the Supermarket–but, oh, so much better!
Alexis loves to eat them sideways!
Jaxen eats them the traditional way!

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