A lotta Cards

As you all know, I am very good at spending money on scrapbooking things.  For awhile, it was all spent w/ purpose–but, then as time got short–I only made time for the shopping part, and not the scrapping part.

So, now I have a very full room of expensive toys and have just recently started to get back into the groove of crafting and scrapping with it all.  Of course, this does not mean I will stop shopping– (Sorry, Kyle), but it does mean there will once again be purpose to my Hobby Lobby spending sprees.

Well, as I have eased myself back into things– I have making cards and birthday decorations.  Easy projects with quick ending times.  I designed Jaxen’s birthday banners, made his spaceship, treat bags, name tags, etc.

But, yesterday with no birthdays in the near future,  I was in the mood to make cards.
Okay, I cannot take full credit for this adorable owl card.  A friend and I saw a card like it on a website, and then took out my gypsy and designed it.  A few days later we cut it all out, and had this super cute card.  The head of the owl was made w/ the capital letter B.  A big oval for the belly, 2 small ovals for the wings, circles for the eyes.  And, of course it wouldn’t be as cute, w/o the rhinestone eyes!
Peekaboo Flip-Flop card
Had to make a coffee card!
This last one is my favorite, so much so that I didn’t skimp on the rhinestones, in the centers of all the little flowers.  Whoever gets this card–should know how special they are to me!


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