I decided that it would be cute if I made old-fashioned silhouettes of my children– I started by searching thru hundreds of pictures, to see if I could find side profile shots of each of them–

There were several of Jaxen, because he never seems to be looking at the camera, but he also never seems to be looking ahead either.

So, I decided it would be best, if I just took brand new pictures of them to use. I took the pictures, at the same distance, for each one. Then I printed them off as 8×10’s on regular computer paper. Then I placed the printed picture on top of black scrapbooking cardstock, and cut out both pieces together in the shape of their precious little faces.
I realized two things–upon reviewing my shadow-pictures of my babies. 1. Jaxen has a very BIG head. 2. Alexis has her dad’s nose and Jaxen has his mom’s nose 😉 (okay, I already knew that)
So, I had to find frames that would accommodate Jaxen’s melon, and ones that would look good in my living room–Off to Target I went. Luckily, I found frames big enough on sale for $4 a piece!!
I used coordinating paper, and filled the frames–I love, LOVE, love them!! Now, to get them hung.
Oh, also- I looked for a family shot that would still look distinguishable in a silhouette, and only could find one so far. I framed that one also, and hope to find another one that will include daddy next time :).

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