Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Tortilla Chips

Labor day weekend, a few neighbors were coming over for an impromptu get-together. I thought, we needed some kind of fruit basket, because that is what my mom always had at get-togethers. I would cut a watermelon into a basket or a whale or something else not very creative. 🙂

I sent my DH, to the grocery store to pick up some fruit, along with the watermelon. He came home, with fruit and the tiniest watermelon I have ever seen! There was no way, I could make a basket or a whale out of it–I could possibly pull off a goldfish–but, it wouldn’t hold very much fruit–so I began to think of another idea–and decided quickly that I would just make fruit salsa…
I did not have the ingredients I had heard goes into fruit salsa, so I just improvised–and it turned out perfectly–a big hit with the neighbors and my daughter!
I used my amazing Vidalia chopper- as seen on tv, and now at Target :). I LOVE IT!! Anyway, I chopped up some strawberries, some grapes, some apples, and threw in a few tablespoons of preserves, and tasted it–Oh my–I could have eaten a whole bowl!
Here is what I used
1 pint of strawberries
couple handfuls of grapes
1 whole, large apple
3 Tbl plum preserves
For the chips, I had flour tortillas on hand, (thank goodness) and cut them up w/ a pizza slicer into 1/8 sections- sprayed both sides with butter-flavored spray, and then dipped them in a cinnamon-sugar mixture. Arranged on cookie sheet, baked at 400 for 10 minutes, or until they start curling at the corners.
Wow–these were also AMAZING–noone could get enough of them! They taste like, sopapillas! And, since they are baked, they are a nice healthier version of the greasy fried, tortilla chips–


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