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Hey everyone….or anyone! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on here.  The boys are getting older now, and I can breathe just a little more.  4 kids is busy! I think that’s the best way to explain it, there is always something going on.  But, as they become more independent, I have had time to think…and realized I miss writing.  A place to put my thoughts.

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Things have sure changed since the first time I started typing my thoughts in a blog.  Alexis and Jaxen were about the age of the 2 littlest now.  They are now finishing up 6th an 3rd grade!  I can’t even believe how fast time goes! They are growing into such amazing young people.  They both definitely have the entrepreneur itch, as they have started a kool-aid stand that they set up a couple times a week.  They’ve made enough to invest in a table and some other fun goodies.  Though they use our supplies most of the time, we have started making them replenish their supplies with their earnings so they can understand it takes money to make money.  Their goal is to earn $500 this summer.  They are pretty determined to hit it!


Grayson and Lincoln are 4 & 2 now and as cute as ever!  They are always into something, and love to swim almost every day.  They actually start swim lessons this week.  We want them to be as prepared as possible, since we have a pool in the back yard.

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Kyle and I are still chasing after kids together, while doing life.  Currently life is in Texas, and though the kids and I have fully acclimated to the weather, Kyle is still adjusting.

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There’s so much to catch up on, so I hope you come back to hear what’s going on in our not-so-little family.


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