Gilmore Girl Party

It’s hard to believe that our oldest, Alexis is 12 this year!  I find myself, still thinking she is 11, and that 12 just can’t be possible.  But, no matter how many times I count the years on my fingers, she is still 12.  Our last year before she hits those ‘teen’ years!

Though she was super amazing when she was a toddler—she is still amazing today, just in different ways.  For instance, now when her birthday is coming up, she helps me plan the festivities.  So, this year she couldn’t decide if she wanted to do a Harry Potter themed party, a book theme party or a Gilmore Girls Party.  The struggle to decide went on for weeks, and honestly I was mentally preparing to go any of those directions.

Finally a week before it was party time, she decided to do a Gilmore Girls themed party.  Gilmore Girls was  a show we binge-watched together while I was pregnant with Lincoln.  We spent hours together, just hanging out in my bed– watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls and talking about the plot.  There are some mature themes that pop in there a few times, but instead of ignoring them or pretending I didn’t notice or hear them, I took the time to talk about them with her.   I want her to be able to come to me with things, and feel like she can depend on and trust  me no matter what.

Anyway, together we set out on planning her Gilmore Girls party.  She had PLENTY of ideas, and I had a few of my own.  Of course, she found a cake that she wanted me to make….and apparently she thinks I am super-mom, because it wasn’t a simple sheet cake.  We tackled it together, and gave it our best shot!

Here are  a few pictures from her sleepover party–which was complete with a morning Pop-tart  Waffle Bar!  If you are a Gilmore Girl fan, you should get most of the references!

Alexis and Rory (from GG) both love reading and writing & school– so we made the cute pencil vanilla wafer cookies– by adding frosting and mini chocolate chips.  We saved the shaved off pieces of wafers for the Waffle Bar the next morning.

This was one of the things Alexis just had to have– 🙂 I don’t know that any of the girls actually ate any! 

Always an important rule, but also– a reference to Luke’s Diner. 

1,000 daisies, not 1,001, not 999.  (except not really in our version)

Lots and lots of snack foods!  And, finally the “Alexis” — took the place of Rory’s signature drink.  A little 7-up, some pineapple juice & a little grenadine. 

The guests got to take home a personalized tumbler, and a take out shaped box with their candy sushi in it!

The girls had a ball, and Alexis said it was the best birthday party yet 😉

I think that’s mostly because she helped plan it!

Also, her dad and I bought her a typewriter which she had been begging for and I bought her these personalized bracelets for her and I.  The bracelets were a HUGE hit– there were even tears from the girls at the party.   Oh, to be a pre-teen again!  Who am I kidding? I teared up too!  I love this girl so much!

They read: You’re the Lorelei to my Rory & You’re the Rory to my Lorelei

And a quick tidbit for Alexis, one day:

My darling daughter, I am so proud of the young lady you are becoming. Your heart is kind, your love is wide.  You look out for those around you, and you can sense when someone is hurting.  I can’t believe 12 years has gone by so quickly- but, I am grateful every day for the relationship we have and the honor to be your mom.   Always remember, no matter how many years fly by, I will always be in your corner, I will always be cheering you on, and I will always let you  crawl into my bed and watch reruns of Gilmore Girls!  I love you to Reece’s Pieces!

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