More Birthdays!

Hey everyone!

You know our May here is JAM-PACKED with birthdays and other events- so I am going to put the 2 younger boys parties together for this post!

Grayson wanted to go to Chuck e Cheese for his birthday this year, so that is what we did.  We still had to decorate a little at home, with balloons and such because it’s a big deal to be turning 4!

He wanted a Cars/Transformers party–so we just went with stoplight colors and black and white accents. That way he could change his mind as much as he wanted!

Luckily, I thought ahead and grabbed these cute Birthday Boy t-shirts at Target in March!  And, also good thing I didn’t lose them before their birthdays rolled around! (Don’t ask if that’s happened before)

He had a great time at Chuck E Cheese- and I was surprised to see they changed their pizza recipe, and it wasn’t half bad.


For Lincoln, who was turning 2, we thought we’d do a Paw Patrol party sine he loves puppies and his fav food seems to be Hot Dogs.  He got a pair of birthday sunglasses to go with his birthday boy shirt.   Actually, I got him a pair and his dad the same–without either of us knowing.  

Birthday dishes were easy enough- we used plastic dog dishes from the Dollar Tree!  I loved how cheap they were– and they totally fit the theme.

Hot Dogs were on the menu– and we had all sorts of toppings available.  Though for the boys– just ketchup, was the favorite.


I was glad both of these little ones wanted store-bought cakes— bc sometimes it’s just a tad easier to delegate some things!

To the boys when you are old enough to read this online:

Grayson: You have brought so much joy into our lives, I am so glad we decided that even after 6 years of no babies, that we wanted more!  You were the perfect addition and you have shown your dad and I, how much we’ve changed over the years!  You are so smart and funny- and are so sweet to your baby brother.  I love to watch you two interact, because you can tell there is so much love and friendship there already.  I know you two are close in age, so you’ll definitely find things to fight about– but, in the end….Always look out for one another, lean on one another and try not to hurt one another.  But, when you do…because you will, remember that you are never too old, or too right, or too proud to apologize to each other and hug it out.  Saying I’m sorry and acknowldeging when you’ve hurt someone, even if you don’t understand why– is always the right thing to do.   I love you so much, sweet boy!

Lincoln:  You have made our family complete, and have stolen our hearts these last 2 years.  Your smile lights up the entire room– and your personality is shining through more and more every day.  I’ve seen you rub Grayson’s back when you think he’s tired or hurt and I know already that you have a kind heart.  You are my last baby, and will always be just that…my baby.  But, not just my baby— this whole family cherishes our last little baby.  I know that will drive you crazy one day, because you will not want to be the baby– but, please know that it comes from the immense love we all have for you and the desire to savor every single moment.  Being the baby isn’t all bad though, you have 5 other people tending to you and loving on you.  This may make it seem as though you get more or get away with more than the others— even if it is true for some reason, try not to rub it in their faces.   I love you to the moon, baby Lincoln!

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  1. Glad to see you back to writing. I’ve always loved your stories. You are the best mom and I’m sure the kids know it! Love you lots

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