Mini Cards

Hi everyone and Happy Thursday!  I’ve missed a few days here– I took a little girls trip to Vegas & then we have been battling a yucky cold around here.  I am still a little hoarse, but on the mend! It seems like everyone is getting a cold right about now, so something must be going around for sure!

We had a lot of fun in Vegas, but I was glad to get home!   Here is a picture of my friend, Sarah and I before going to see Jersey Boys. (Remember me talking about Sarah–she had a baby the same week I did and we crafted this pretty mobile for her little girl)

Anyway, Jersey Boys was amazing!  Definitely see it if you have the opportunity.  We had dinner at Mon Ami Gabi which was so delicious, a restaurant smack in the middle of the strip who knows how to do french food right! We also did a little shopping- they have so many amazing shoe stores there!

Okay, enough about Vegas–onto today’s project!


SEH_3530 SEH_3532 SEH_3533 SEH_3535


Have a great day everyone!!

5 thoughts on “Mini Cards

  1. I remember your mentioning that heart punch a long time ago, and I did a search online to see if anyone had it because those hearts are so cute! I just did a search now, and on Amazon it was $63 (not even including shipping, hahaha).

  2. Cute cute cute! I love making cards, even if only to slip into my kids’ lunch boxes. Thanks for sharing your tutorial! I’ve always hand cut my hearts. I wish I could find a heart punch!

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