“Surprise…there’s a Baby Shower”

Hi everyone and Happy Thursday!  Yesterday was an early out for the kiddos- so I took them to the pool to beat this hot week.  The water felt great!  Here’s Alexis peeking at me, and the only picture I got of the swimming action, since I couldn’t have my camera when I was in with Grayson & Jaxen.


Then last night, when Mr. Pink got home and things settled down (when the kids went to bed and dishes got done) he said, “Oh, hey…there’s a baby shower for  [insert important work related name here] tomorrow night.”

Umm…there is?  Apparently, he forgot to tell me.  But, you know as well as I do I wasn’t going to be able to show up at a baby shower without something I made!  Especially, because this same woman saw the awesome football blanket I made for the little boy a few months back!

So…at 10:30pm I hightailed it to the craft room…which is still a wreck by the way!  Who wants to volunteer to help me organize and tidy?

I decided to get my Cameo going and my sewing machine…so I quick looked over my fabric and giftable items that I had to create with…and here’s what I came up with:

A quick banner using the DCWV Baby Girl stack. This banner literally took 3 sheets of card stock.  That’s it!  It was quick, but I think it’s still cute.  The banner shape was in the Silhouette store and I used the Lori Whitlock Vintage Font for the letters.  Add, tulle and done.


I wanted to show a close up of the banner pieces, because the dots make it look extra-girly.  Also, when I am in a hurry and need to adhere letters down quick and efficiently, I take out my XYRON. It’s amazing!DSC_1310

Also, I had this fabric I picked up months ago from Etsy…and I thought it would be perfect to make a little gift set.  So, I whipped up a few burp cloths, using terry cloth on the reverse side.  I usually use minky type fabric on the other side…but, all I had was brown.  Brown wasn’t going to work, and let’s be honest- terry will be way more absorbent.  Then I took a scrap of the fabric and cut out the letter A using my Silhouette and my fabric blade that hadn’t gotten used yet.

First, I ironed on the Silhouette interfacing, and then placed it on my mat and loaded it into the machine.  I made sure I chose a bold font for cutting- and let it go to work.  It cut my A out perfect.  It also cut smaller letters out that spelled her whole name, but I just didn’t get around to using those.  I ironed on the A, and since I want her to be able to wash the onesie without any worry about losing the “A” I decided to stitch it on also.

A matching bow- and I think it makes a nice little gift set.  Of course, I will pick her something up off her registry from Target too just in case she doesn’t like homemade stuff…and because Target has Starbucks. 😉


Oh!  I was done with all pieces of this project in an hour!  Can you believe that?  Crazy what we can do under pressure!
Have a great Thursday everyone!!

6 thoughts on ““Surprise…there’s a Baby Shower”

  1. You sure work well under pressure! It would have taken me weeks to come up with something half that great! Beautiful job, how could she not love it?

  2. You are amazing! Great projects girl! I wish I were closer – I love organizing and would have so much fun cleaning up your room – or holding the baby while you did – win win for me!
    Have a great weekend!

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