Football Blanket & Burp Cloths

Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday!  I am back-though, I still may throw in some other amazing creations from other talented designers from time to time!

Tis the season to have a baby-and I have been busy making baby gifts for the newborns I know!  This gift set was a request from Mr. Pink for a friend of his.  His friend is a big Iowa State fan, and Mr. Pink wanted me to make something Iowa State–so, here’s what I did!

I have seen these cute football shape blankets on Etsy and had been wanting to make Grayson one- but, since I needed a gift I figured now was a good as time to any to try it out!  Luckily, I found this great printable pattern for the football shape here on the blog Happy Together.  So, that solved my biggest obstacle, getting the right shape!

You’ll need:  1 yard of brown, 1 yard of fabric of the team of your choice and 1/4 yard of white flannel.


Then it was just a matter of sewing the pieces together.  This did not take long at all—well…those little white stitch marks of fabric were kind of a pain.  The minky fabric was pretty easy to work with when paired with the printed material on the other side.

SIDE STORY:  I sent Mr. Pink to pick up the white flannel for me from Joann’s.   I told him to pick up 1/4 of a yard…and he picked up 2 whole yards along with a candy bar, some gum, and some Nebraska Huskers duct tape!  Guess he got bored in the checkout lane.


I really love how it turned out–but, since it was a gift for someone I don’t really know… I hope they like it too!

Along with the blanket, I thought that they needed some matching burp cloths. You can find how I make my burp cloths here. 



I was able to do all my sewing, standing up with Grayson in my baby wrap…which I LOVE!!  I have been trying different kinds of wraps, to see which one works best for us.  Right now, I am LOVING the Boba wrap.  It used to be the Sleepy Wrap.  Grayson loves being snuggled in and against my chest, hearing my heartbeat.  I love having him close, content and my hands free! 🙂

Here’s the one I have- that is not me in the pic. 😉

Here are a couple pics of us using our Boba Wrap


His head looks like it is leaning back more than it is–his hood was falling down.


Most of the time he is snuggled inside like this…which allows me to get crafting done!  He takes his wubbanub sometimes- which are pacifiers attached to little stuffed animals so they don’t fall out as easily and give their little hands something to grasp onto.  This one is an alligator–and he loves them!


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