Santa’s Britches

Hi everyone and Happy Monday!  First of all I want to say how sad I am over the tragic events in Connecticut.  I don’t know if it was because I have kids the same age- but, it hit me really hard, and close to home.  I find myself thinking of the families and those sweet little babies all throughout the day.  It makes me hug my kids a little tighter and for just a little bit longer.  I pray for each person in Newtown, Connecticut  that they may find peace during this very difficult time.

After having a huge breakdown Friday morning,  I decided to sneak away to do a little shopping with a friend.  We went to our local scrapbooking store where we saw these cute little Santa britches- with instructions.  And, I love them so much- I am going to share them with you!

I filled it up with candy…well, the chocolate I haven’t eaten in this house yet 😉  (Baby loves milk chocolate!)

I added a tag using the stamp set, Joyful Tags which is on SALE today for $12.99 so be sure to swipe it up!

Ready for the instructions for this cute little treat box, thanks to Memory Bound in Ankeny, Iowa?

Well, I made a video on how to put it together, so hopefully that helps!

But, that’s not all–I also made a Silhouette file for you to download, if you have a Silhouette!  Just click on the thumbnail below to start the download.


2- Red Card stock 4 1/4 x 5 1/2
2-Red CS 3/8 x 8
3/8 strip of black -I used a little bit wider, because I liked the thicker belt
2- 1/2 strips of white CS ( i used 12 inch strips and cut down to size)
Small buckle- hand cut, or I cut my out on my Cameo.
Score each big red piece on the long side at 1/2”, 1 3/4”, 3, 4 1/4” .  Then score at 1 1/4” across the bottom.  Cut out small 1/2” x 1 1/4” piece from lower left hand corner.  Now cut to the 1 1/4” score line on each of the lower score lines.  Fold in on all other score lines and then fold togetehr forming your ‘pant legs’.  Tape or glue boxes together.  Before gluing pant legs together, wrap each lower leg with a white cuff.  Then line legs up and glue together.  Wrap a black belt around them, add a buckle. Glue straps into inside of pants, crossing them in the back before attaching.  Fill with candy.


Be sure to grab your Joyful Tags, if you haven’t already!  Have a great Monday!


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