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Flashback Friday & Free File Friday

Hi everyone and Happy Friday!  It’s Flashback Friday and Free File Friday!! So, let’s get started!!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to get a nice scarf for Christmas- and I believe, like shoes…you can never have too many scarves.  You can have fancy scarves, warm and cozy scarves, casual scarves, patterned scarves, silky scarves, and the best kind….Homemade scarves!

So, I am going to show you how to quickly make a CUTE scarf without having to sew, or anything and using supplies you probably already have!

Before you watch, I have to tell you- this is one of my most commented on videos on YouTube.  People LOVE my scissors, or hate that fact that I am using paper scissors on fabric–and are not afraid to tell me their opinion. I’ve gotten a good laugh over the comments over the last year! You gotta take comments on youtube with a grain of salt, because not everyone is as sweet as you guys!

How easy was that?  You could do it right now!! Go grab an old t-shirt …you know you want to!


I made another one also…where I cut the loops- and braided the section I wanted braided.  Then I tied an extra piece of t-shirt fabric around the top of the braid and at the bottom of the braid.

It looked good…but, now what?  How would I get the ends back together?  I could sew it….nah!

So, here’s what I did as Mr. Pink looked on, wondering what on earth I was doing 😉

I took each strand and pulled it to the matching end – on one end I cut a little slit, by folding the fabric over, and creating almost a button hole.

I then pulled the other end through that hole and tied a knot.  I did this for each strand- making sure to match up the right ends.  It left tiny little knots that would go behind my neck– and under my hair- so they didn’t bother me in the least.  BUT, you could also take another piece of fabric and wrap it around those knots to hide it.  😉  Easy peasy–and NO SEWING!

I ‘recycled’ 2 t-shirts in this project and put them to much better use!

Here’s another pic- and also this could TOTALLY be doubled up!


Today’s file is the cute stocking box that Gloria made over on the PBD blog

Click the image below to start download.


  1. Oh my goodness… that scarf is awesome! I have to give it a try as soon as I am done crocheting gifts for Christmas. Love the stocking file, too.

  2. So glad you can take YT comments with a grain of salt. Why does it matter what scissors you use? -lol. Now if someone touches paper with my sewing scissors…that’s a different story :). This is a great project and I’m pinning it for my daughter (Who has an abundance of t-shirts) to see.

  3. I love this scarf tutorial! We made probably 10 of them after you put this video out the first time! They are so awesome and with 2 boys I always have worn out tshirts that my girls love to make into anything! Did you record the ustream the other night? I looked on the ustream site and didn’t see it but you know how I don’t get along with technology very well!!??!!! Have a great weekend!!

    • I tried! But, I kept getting kicked off :/

  4. Love the stocking box! Thanks for the free file!

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