Coffee in the Morning

Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday!  How many of you like coffee in the morning? I know I USED to.  Right after we found out I was expecting, I developed a strong aversion to all things coffee.  I couldn’t even walk into a Starbucks.  That means I couldn’t even sneak an occasional decaf.   It also meant that I steered clear of anyone having a big, smelly cup of coffee.  The smell that I used to LOVE!  I hope when our baby arrives, I can go back to my Venti Nonfat Caramel Macchiatos but…for now, I will just make coffee cards!

Because, how cute are these COFFEE stamps from Pink by Design? It’s called EXTRA HOT.  

My friend, Tana–asked me to please use the sentiment, “I love you like Coffee in the morning” on our next coffee set–and I was more than happy to do so!  Thanks Tana!

For this card I stamped the to-go coffee image onto white paper, then kraft card stock and then green card stock.  I paper pieced the different sections together.  I love this technique….probably even better than coloring!


A little green grosgrain ribbon, the sentiment and some matting and you have a quick and fun card.


Thanks for stopping by everyone- and please enjoy a cup of coffee for me! 😉

If you want your own Extra Hot Stamp set, you can get one here. 

13 thoughts on “Coffee in the Morning

  1. Gorgeous card…when I was pregnant…my sense of smell turned into a super power. As soon as that baby arrives…you’ll want that coffee again. Lee-Ann 🙂

  2. Love your card and this stamp set! I wish I could squash the coffee habit! It is stinky and messy….but if I skip it in the morning – especially a work morning, I get kind of cranky…..

  3. Poor you! I will drink a coffee for you :). For me, I couldn’t stand garlic or chicken when I was pregnant- I feel your pain… Hang in there, ;), I’m sure Starbucks is in your future!

  4. This is super cute. Love that sentiment. When I was pregnant I couldn’t stand the smell of lemons, popcorn, or pizza sauce (I worked in a pizza restaurant!) but I Loved and couldn’t get enough Cheetos and orange soda!

  5. :-(….so sorry,wow!no coffee?I have to think about that one…lol
    Super Duper Cute card!
    Happy Holiday!
    Have a wonderful day,

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