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Tree Skirts

Tree Skirts

Hi everyone and Happy Thursday!! Last week, the kids convinced me to put up our Christmas tree before we left for our 5 day Thanksgiving celebration.  After we go back, I’ve slowly started to pull more Christmas decorations out for the rest of the house.  So, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here, minus the snow of course.  We haven’t seen any of that yet!

How about you? Is your home beginning to look a lot like Christmas?

While we were celebrating Thanksgiving my mom and sister asked me to help make them a tree skirt, similar to the one I made last year, and that was published in this month’s Simply Handmade magazine.

So, we went to Joann’s to pick out fabric while it was still on a great sale from Black Friday weekend! SCORE!! Plus, we each had a 60% off coupon–perfect, since both  my sister and mom needed a heavy-duty glue gun for this project!  Oh, I also picked up fabric to make my little brother a tree skirt.  He has requested an Ohio State tree skirt…that isn’t too girly- lol!  I am not sure how I am going to do it yet, but I am sure I will figure something out!

(Ps. Did you hear that Ohio State was undefeated this year?  They had me a little nervous during their most important game against Michigan…but, they pulled it off!)

Okay, back to the No-Sew Ruffled Tree Skirts- My mom chose a country-ish cookie cutter fabric pattern, along with red burlap.

I like how it turned out!  I am LOVING the texture the burlap gives it–and burlap is so HOT right now!

My sister chose a Christmas green polka dot pattern and tan burlap.  Loving this one too-especially since it’s with the green! Looks like she already has Christmas presents wrapped too—what do you want to bet those are for her niece and nephew 😉

My mom, sister and I all have these ceramic trees, that sit atop a base that lights up. We grew up with one, but in 2007 it was lost in the Cedar Rapid flood, along with many other things.  I looked long and hard to find one to replace it- for my mom that Christmas.  They aren’t very easy to come by,  and I luckily came across one on Craigslist.  My mom, bought one for the the girls in the years to come.  And, now they will be a traditional decoration in our homes.

Anyway, my sister took a small piece of leftover drop cloth and burlap and made a little tree skirt for her ceramic tree. :) Cute, right?

Today I will be working on the “Ohio State” skirt- and then everyone will have handmade tree skirts for years to come-

So tell me, is there a special decoration you put up every year? What about your tree skirt, what does it look like?