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Who Will Be the Master Crafter?

Who Will Be the Master Crafter?

Are you ready to see what the awesome contestants have been working on–to see who the Master Crafter will be?

It will be up to you…because you get to vote for your favorite, but we are going to let people have a chance to link up first!! Voting will begin on October 7th 12:01 am CST, and at that same time there will be no more links added.

Okay….We sent out 100 packages with the following items to see what these crafters could come up with! Scissor Mouse sponsored by Westcott , DCWV Rockstar mat stack sponsored by DCWV Deals, Cotton Bag Sponsored by State line Bag Co. , 1/2 sheet of Rhinestones sponsored by Queen & Co., Sentiment stamp sponsored by Pink by Design, Assorted Buttons.

The participants were asked to incorporate as much from their goodies as they could in creating their project.

They are crafting for an opportunity to win the following prizes:

Stateline Bag Co. Cotton Bag Crafting Prize Package Westcott Prize Package $50 gift certificate to DCWV Deals A Close to my Heart Advent Calendar Workshop on the Go a $25 gift certificate to Pretty Paper Graphics An All in One Organizer and Mini Zipper Pouch from Thirty One in your choice of Patterns! Epiphany Crafts Pennant and Star Bundle Your choice of Adjustable Pen Holder for your Cricut or your Cameo from Chomas Creations Scrap’n Easel-ette Your choice of a Whisper from Cara Miller ; Creative Memories Thank You Simply Said Book & 25% of coupon

3 Girl Jam Gift Certificate

2 Stampin’ Up Stamp sets

Pink by Design Prize Package

A scrapbooking t-shirtfrom


The crafter with the most votes will be named Master Crafter and be awarded the first choice of prizes from up above along with this Master Crafter cup sponsored by 3 Crazy Monkeys

and an Official t-shirt sponsored by me 😉

The rest of the prizes will be randomly drawn from all of the entries. So everyone has a chance to win, but please be sure to vote for your favorite project!
Voting will begin on October 7, 2012 at 12:01 am and last thru the 11th at 12:02 am CST,
You can only vote once for your favorite project per ip address.

(to link up your projects you will need the url from your personal blog post or you can upload your project to and get a url from there to link below)  Only MasterCrafters projects will be accepted for this link up, and only one link up per person. You can link up until October 7, 2012 at  12:00 am CST at that time, linking will be disabled and voting will begin.


  1. My project is finished and ready to link up.

  2. Where do we link our image from photobucket?

  3. Well, I think I am ready to link my project. Did I make it to the right place? Lol. Poor Sarah

  4. I am all ready to be linked up, but I can’t find the button to add my project…… =(

    Can’t wait to see what everyone else created!!

    • I was able to get linked up……YAY!!

  5. I am not finding the link to link up my project. It appears to be ready since there are 3 projects already linked up. Am I missing something?

  6. Hello…I’m with the other ladies…I can’t find or see the Link up tool/icon either. Please help : )

  7. I too am ready to link but there is no place to do it?? Am I missing it??

  8. All linked up! Wow there are some great projects on here!! Good luck ladies. :)

  9. So excited to see so many participants already. Can’t wait to delve into everyone’s blogs and see what they created. Thank You Sarah and Thank You to all of the wonderful sponsors for hosting such an enjoyable event! I am a bit tired after staying up until 3 a.m. EST to play along! Hugs and Crafty Blessings to you all!
    Jessica S

  10. Wow (and YIKES, too !) there are so many awesome projects here. I just posted mine too, now I’m, ummm nervous !

    • Your the best~~you used everything that was in your kit & I mean EVERYTHING ~~~WOW


  11. thanks for all the fun

  12. Thanks so much Sarah! This was super fun and you did a really wonderful job putting it together! Have a great day!

  13. Hi Sarah,
    I was succesful in linking up last night. Do I need to link up again on the 7th?


    • Hey ladies there is a blog hop going on right now on Cropchocolate.We are doing cards for Operation Write Home if any of you are interested in joining us

  14. I love just how different everyone’s projects are with the same materials!

  15. Sarah Thanks for hosting this AWESOME challenge!!

  16. I just linked mine, but the picture is so small you can’t really see any of the detail :(

    • It’s okay you can click on it and it gets bigger :) Great job!

  17. Hooray!! Finally uploaded my project. Had so much fun, thanks Sarah for a great challenge and a huge thanks to the sponsors :0)

  18. Where is it that the people vote for your project?

    • Voting starts in 23 minutes

  19. This was such a great challenge. I had so much fun I hope you have another contest. Great job everyone

  20. Wow, what an amazing turn out of talent. So many neat and clever uses of all the wonderful products in the Secret Box. Loved stopping by to see them all! Sorry I couldn’t leave a comment on the photo account link ups, but if you are reading this, you all did an amazing job, too!
    Jessica S.

  21. Great job, my fellow crafters. You all did such a good job of thinking outside the box and adding extra stuff.

  22. Finally voting day :0) Is it just me but I can’t vote it says I have 1 vote but it doesn’t let me vote and I have not yet voted? Very weird

    • Anarda – under the project you choose is the word “vote” click on that and it will cast your vote.

      good luck to all!

  23. Awesome Projects!!!!!Everyone,GREAT JOB!!!

  24. Sarah, thank you for this wonderful opportunity. There are lots of talented ladies out here. Good luck to everyone!

  25. They voting Linky is gone?????

    • My friends can’t find it either. A couple came to vote and it was gone.

      • Inlinkz was down for a little bit, but everything should be good to go

    • Inlinkz was down for a bit earlier, but everything should be good to go.

  26. i can’t find where to vote? can i please get some help? am i too late?

    • You are not too late- everything should be visible now

  27. So this isn’t a contest for the best, right? Just one for these crafters’ friends? I am confused about the voting ability but many of these are incredible. what a fun activity.

    • It is a vote for everyone’s favorite. Each person gets one vote- so you can vote for whom you think made the best project.

  28. This was so much fun! Anybody looking at mine should check out my blog! It is actually a two-sided project! I was able to use everything that was in our package.

  29. I agree with many of the others. This was a fun project and I can’t wait to try it again. I was pushed to do somethings that I have never done, use items that I am not used to using and work with different types of paper and colors. Thanks Sarah for the challenge

  30. I just cast my vote for you Dawn!! Amazing projects!!

  31. Great projects. I have looked at them all but am curious… I thought this was to be a contest of 100 and there are only 68 posted. I tried to get in on this but was a minute too late. Where are the other 33?

    • Sassy, I am sorry you didn’t get in on it, and am also disappointed that not everyone linked up. I sent email reminders, but there’s only so much I can do on my end.

      • I would be disappointed, too, Sarah. And yes there is only so much you can do. I can see perhaps a few not participating but 33 is crazy. Too bad you can’t ask the 33 to send their kits back! Will you be doing this again?

        • This was a trial run kind of thing- to see how it would all play out. 33 missing seemed unfair to the generous sponsors, so I’m not sure. :(
          I could ask for them to send them back but, the likelihood of me getting them back is is probably not very high. If I do this again I may have to rethink accountability methods. I can’t take away from the awesome ladies who did link up though, and who did a great job with their supplies!

  32. I am not seeing the “VOTE” word or link to vote.

  33. Fabulous entries by everyone – a bit disappointed that not all 100 are there, was to late to get one of these. Never mind.

    Good luck everyone, I have cast my vote:-)

    • Me too Karon, since so many people wanted to participate that did not get in. :(

  34. It is kinda a bummer that not all participated. Also, I was a but confused, thought we were only supposed to used the supplies primarily. Never thought about some of the items posted. It seems like a bit of a popularity contest as much as design too. Just my 2 cents. It was fun and I’d do it again. Thanks Sarah! And Thanks to the sponsors!

    • It is a bummer. I am sorry you feel it us a popularity contest- but, there really isn’t another way to do it besides voting. However, this is why I chose to leave the remainder of the prizes as random winners so everyone had an equal chance to win. :)

      • I somewhat agree in that it’s kind of like a popularity contest because I know the friends I messaged about voting probably didn’t even look at the other projects even though I encouraged it. I am, however, very happy you’re picking the other prizes randomly because everyone deserves a chance at winning because the projects are fantastic! I love JulieK’s! I look at it EVERY time that I check this post, and I voted for her twice (once at home and once at work!).

        Like you said above, it’s also disappointing that not everyone linked up. I really would have liked to see more projects. I had a lot of fun clicking on every single link (although I haven’t had a chance to comment on all of them just yet). Thanks for putting this together, Sarah. I had a lot of fun doing it (plus, it’s always fun seeing the pageviews on my blog go up, haha).

        • Of course your own friends will vote for you- but, there are people out there who don’t know any of you and will vote for their favorite project. :)

      • Great concept! But this is a TOTAL popularity contest.
        Suggestions for next time:
        There is another way to do it…there are so many “big name” crafters out there that would be willing to be “judges”. The entries could be made blind by you and submitted to the judge panel. Making it TOTALLY fair and a non-popularity contest.

        More/clear guidelines would be appreciated!

        • Hi Marie,

          Thanks for your input. If I had chosen Crafters to choose the winners blindly, there would still be people complaining it wasn’t fair.

          I was only trying to do something fun and different- without a cost to the players.

          At the very least all contestants got free goodies to craft with, and will be eligible for prizes whether they were ‘popular’ or not. I think that is pretty ‘fair’.

          What I don’t think is fair are the 33 who did not get around to posting a project with their free goodies- that was unfair to the companies who sponsored the goodies.

          Again, thanks for your input- it took a lot of time and effort on my end to gather the sponsors, pack 100 boxes and ship them to 100 people, send out reminder emails and gather separate sponsors for prizes. odds are not looking good that I will be doing this again.

          Sent from my iPhone

  35. Congratulations to the Master Crafter…Abby. You did a great job!!

    • WTG, Abby! So proud of you and know how happy you are on being the Master Crafter. WOOT! WOOT!

      • Congratulations Abby!!!

  36. Hi Sarah!! I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to host such a fun activity! I got to use some products I never would have purchased on my own and I used them in a way I wouldn’t have if I didn’t have them!
    You can’t please everyone so thick skin comes in handy here but just know that I do appreciate all that you did! GREAT JOB!!

  37. Congratulations to Abby!! Great job on your project!!!!

  38. Congratulations, Abby! And also to Dawn who was so close!

    Sarah, I absolutely loved seeing everyone’s projects and getting more inspiration (you know, for the rare times I get to craft!). I have a ton of toilet paper rolls for mini albums, and I also am interested in incorporating material into crafting now that I know it stamped beautifully on those canvas bags. You didn’t have to go through all the work to organize this and contact sponsors. I also hate that others didn’t post their projects, but I am part of the 68 who appreciate your time and effort!

  39. Thanks again, Sarah, for doing this fun contest! I really enjoyed the items that we received to work with! Congrats to Abby, great project!


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