First day of Kindergarten

Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday! Yesterday was my little guy’s first day of Kindergarten. He was excited, and didn’t resist going one bit. Though, when we got there he seemed a little unsure of everything. I was glad when he realized he had an old friend in his class with him. I took pictures, and left the room…and barely made it to the car before I shed a few tears.

I am not sure exactly how to explain the emotion a mother goes through when her baby goes to Kindergarten- but, I can assure you- it’s not easy. You are proud, scared, worried, sad and happy for them all at the same time. It’s a huge conflict- which in me causes tears.

Anyway, it didn’t take long for me to pull it together- and all I could think to do in all the quiet around me, was to clean. I mean really clean– scrubbing on hands and knees cleaning. Going through a whole box of magic erasers cleaning…and when I was all done, the school day was only 1/2 done!

I did want to show you how I sent Jaxen off to school though….he got a banner just like his sister!

Here’s what he saw when he came down for breakfast….his banner was much longer! Did you know Kindergarten had 12 letters in it?? I didn’t until I started this banner!!  You’d think they’d come up with something shorter for the little ones 😉

I made him a card which you can see here– and I also made both of my kids these cute little pencils made from a roll of Rolos, a hershey kiss, some scraps of paper, and a little aluminum foil.  You can find these little pencils all over the internet, and I think I first saw them a couple years ago in a Family Fun magazine. (LOVE that magazine!) They were pretty easy to make- and I am not sure how everyone makes theirs- but, I scored my yellow cardstock before glueing it on, because I wanted it to look just like a pencil! 😉  I also used my grandma’s pinking shears she passed down to me to cut the bottom of the paper to give it that ‘sharpened’ look.  You could probably skip both of these steps. 🙂

Here’s my little punkin’ pie posing before school 🙂 See how long that banner is?! Each pennant is about 5.5 x11.5.   I used DCWV the Guy Stack for the paper, because of all the awesome greens, blues and browns in it.

Here’s a closeup of his sign- I cut the letters out using my Cameo, and used the Chomas Marker holder to write what he wants to be when grows up, with a green sharpie.  (His favorite color is green)

Oh–and yes, he picked out this ‘bee’ shirt- from Crazy 8 and had to wear it on the first day.  I didn’t quite understand, but I think it has something to do with a twist on his favorite transformer, Bumblebee.  🙂

Hope you all are having a great week! See ya back here tomorrow! 🙂


  • Your feeling are Normal. The tears are tears of joy. Hes were he is because the love he receives from his family.
    My son Almost 31 and I still cry. Hes grown into a fine young man and has a beautiful family and has.chosen to stay with me. All my family has passed on. He was allies had for along time. That’s love.
    And as a addedperk I am around watching my grand children grow. “Love it”

  • Great job Sarah! I’ll be the exact same way next Thursday when Landen goes off to kindergarten also. I told myself last year when he got picked up by the pre-school bus I would’nt cry and I did. Time is flying by so fast, it seems like he was just born. I’m planning on doing some major house cleaning also.

  • God bless you!! Remembering that day is so hard, since my own “baby” just started her senior year!! I am so happy for your little guy, and know he will just love school! Unfortunately, these days go by too, too fast! Savor his time with you!

  • He is so super cute!!!! Congrats on making it through the first days! And – great job making their days so special!! You are a great mom!

  • Oh, how I remember dropping my son off for his first day of kindergarten. The emotions ran high and I cried and cried when I got home. I love how you made the first day of school so special with the pencil treat holders. They are so adorable!

  • When my now 23 year old started Kindergarten I cried after I dropped her off. Luckily my wonderful husband had taken the day off because he knew it was gonna be tough on me. He took me out to breakfast.
    I call them my Kindies. I teach reading and I help out with the kindies, especially those first precious days, until my groups get started. I also get the plessure of being with them at lunch recess everyday. I always try to let the parents know I understand and will be there if their kiddo needs a helping hand.
    Thanks for sharing.
    dmcardmaker (at Aol)

  • For me it didn’t happen just in kindergarten. I cry every year as I drop them off to their classes. Luckily, I usually make it to the car first, but once or twice I haven’t. Lol.

    Your banner is great and I love the pencil treats. I might have to try that for my kids. TFS.

  • Wow, these are just so cute! I know your son was tickled to have such an awesome recognition of his first day of school!

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