Link Up Tuesday

Hi everyone, and welcome to another Link Up Tuesday, where we want to see what YOU are UP TO!?  It can be paper crafts, sewing, home decor, jewelry–whatever it is– we want you to share!!

All you have to do is link up your blog post or picture below, and be sure to say you are LINKING UP with us on your blog post- you can also grab our gray and pink linkup button to the right.   Be sure to stop by a couple other blogs to say hi and give some bloggy love!

Since we are giving away a prize this week- I am featuring the winner of the prize, which was randomly chosen with  Remember this week I found something I wanted to buy for myself, and I am buying one for the winner as well- how fun is it that I am going shopping for me and someone else?

This week I am buying a Memory Box Family Ties die.

The winner is Melinda from Scrappin’ Melon, she made this SWEET birthday card.

Congrats Melinda- email me your mailing address, so I can go shopping for you!
And- don’t forget to grab your featured button on the right!  Thanks to everyone for linking up this week- and I can’t wait to see what you are up to this week, and who I will shop for!!

Also– you guys tell me, do you like it better when I feature 3 people’s work- with no prizes OR feature one person who gets a prize?

Let me know below!




  • Congrats Melinda!! Awesome card! I love the colors! If giving a prize each weeks means you have to sacrifice and go shopping for yourself then I think you should do the prize! I’m just joking around – you are super generous with the prizes and it would not be at all necessary – I’ll still keep coming back!
    Enjoy the moments!

  • I love linking up and of course it’s nice to win by random org but it’s also nice to be featured. So my vote is for both…random winner and feature a top 3. Holly 🙂

  • I can’t believe that I won….. yippee!!! Thanks everyone especially Sarah for the great Memory Box Family Ties Die. I can’t wait to get it in the mail, I’m so excited…it’s like I’m getting an early Birthday present. Thanks Sarah 😀

    I agree with Holly random winner and feature a top 3. I love to see what everyone is up to….. I miss the community on the blog.

  • I like the idea of doing a little of both. Pick a few of your favorites sometime and give away items other time. I think that would be a nice balance. Thanks for letting us link up any way you choose.

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